When Our Belief Is Our god

Jesus said:   I am the way, the truth, and the life.”John 14:6″   “Sound doctrine (our belief) is the application and the experience of the truth”

The truth is not a creed or a particular belief about something, but it is a person it is founded on the person and then grows into that person, and of course that person is Jesus He is the truth.

In the increase of knowledge it seems easy for us to hold to certain doctrines “at the expense of the Love of God” If our doctrine (teaching) causes us to attack those who don’t fit our way of believing or thinking then our teaching has become our God.

If we can’t love those who don’t think like us and reach out to them with pure love then it is not Christ nor is it sound doctrine, but our own belief system has gotten in the way, and has now made us it’s servant.

 Jesus said: “John 13:35″ By this shall all men know that you are my disciples because you have love one to another.

  Religious dogmas are the primary cause for so many discouraged and shipwrecked people it keeps people self condemned, living in sin consciousness, afraid of God and men.

 However when we grow in The Lord we will separate from our own beliefs (thinking) our reputation (feelings) our will (wants) unto Him who saved us and wash us in His own blood.

Remember that any teaching or prophetic word that does not exalt the Lordship of Jesus Christ, but exalts future events’ personalities, some cause, culture, or makes a religion out of being anti-religious is not the truth it may be true or factual, but that is not the truth.

 When we are no longer controlled by religion we will understand that “A right spirit should be prized above a right doctrine” We can then enjoy our relationship with the person (The Truth) not just what we think about Him.

Any revelation that does not ultimately go back to God in worship is a vain revelation.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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