How To Know it is Time To Change

Gen.35:2—Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, Put away the strange gods from among you, and be clean, and change your garments.

There are several different words for change in both the Old and New Testament, one of the words in the Heb. “Chalaph” means to “get up, to grow up, to go forward and to renew” Growth does not ask us if we would like to change it forces us to change, if we are not changing then we are dying.

We don’t have to make ourself change by our own will power, but if we are placed in the right environment (Grace and truth) We will change effortlessly for the better.

There are sometimes when the need to change is very obvious, and we can’t seem to find the power or the way that is the time we need to exchange with the Lord, give Him the weakness and receive His strength, but never accept the weakness as being the final word for your life.

 The Father is well able to turn our weaknesses into our greatest places of victory perhaps a key word for this hour is “stability with flexibility”.

How do I Know I need to change?

 (1)–Lack of real peace–Col.3:15 -Isa. 30:18

 (2)—When what we have been doing is no longer producing positive results.

 (3)—Frustration instead of contentment because of a lack of power.

 (4)—When we consistently do the same thing and continue to fail.

 (5)—When we become inconsistent in our directions and in our timing  by this we cause conflict with others by our actions.

 (6)—When we yearn for more and are still not satisfied.

 (7)—When we can’t get over the feelings of being displaced and out of joint The Father is more interested in changing us then He is our circumstances or even the people around us.

 (8)—-When those who we have relationship with family, friends, ministry, co-workers etc.etc. seem distant for no apparent reason.

In the light of The love of God, the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the communion of the Holy Spirit through the process of change we should examine our motives message and methods in order that we don’t walk around the same old “never changing” mountain forever.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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