Prophetic Word For The Future

There will come a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will sweep away the refuge of lies and bring a release of the power of God that will change the course of history.

Before this happens there will come change in the church especially in the west, there will be a wind that will come from the east and it will come with a mighty force within this wind will come great persecution from unexpected places and people, there will be an alluring of the principalities that have dominated the world and deceived the church.

Where there has been the invasion of new age occult teaching there will be a purging first within the body of Christ and then there will be great deliverance that shall come from the throne of praise, there will be multitudes of  books media materials and philosophies of men that will be burned and discarded there will be great edifices where people have worshipped with a vail over their face that will be abandoned and walked away from, I will change the face of  my own says the Lord and the world will not recognize her from her past.

For those who have been given the secrets of the kingdom and responded to the joyful sound of liberation, your revelation shall be matched by your demonstration there will be those who in chains will come to you to be set free, but many will seek to do you harm but my power shall rise up within to defeat the aggressors you will not gather as you once did for your own pleasure nor will you be fighting with your sword as you now do for you shall know that It is really me and apart from me you can do nothing.

Many in this day will stand in shock and disillusionment as their ministries and kingdoms crumble before their eyes those who have ruled as princes shall find themselves serving and those who have been at the bottom will be at the top for I will bring a shaking in the earth that will shift the axis and create what has not been seen for many generations.

There will come in this time a coming together of my people who leave the old camps of idolatry and return to me with all their heart yet some will say we never left you but they will discover the error of their own ways and my mercy will prevail over the old ancient idols that have defiled the sanctuary of my people.

This shall be a returning to me and to my voice not to the voice of the accuser or old law nor to the voice of the deceiver who says all is well peace party and play. I will move in a way that I will surely be sanctified before my whole house and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of  the Lord and of His Christ and he shall reign.

Scott Stimson Sr.

9 thoughts on “Prophetic Word For The Future

  1. Just an awesome word Scott. It brings such a humility and encouragement simultaneously. It has been so hard to relate to the big wigs of the church in the past. I am not in glee of their decline, but more in awe of the truth to be revealed. My heart just leaps in the moment. Will be seeing you in a week at Worship Alive. We are alive with anticipation. See you then. Blessings.

  2. My concern is that this is or may not be a word of the Lord. The tone is not of the Jesus I know. The images are negative and fear provoking. It s mainly about destruction. It is focused on the institution not on the community of faith, the church and not the Bride of Christ. Prophecy is always encouraging, edifying, loving, healing, calling us to loving relationship. So my question is “Really? You really think this is the voice of the compassionate, healing, loving, doing good, Jesus?”

  3. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your concerns, I obviously do see it different than you I see it as very positive for the church as it returns to her headship the Lord Jesus Christ, I do agree that the general gift of prophecy is to edify exhort and comfort this is in another realm than the simple gift this is more like the prophet Agabus who prophesied concerning Paul being bound by the Jews or the drought that would occur in his time or as Paul himself prophesied about in the latter times some would depart from the faith and of course this as the others happened plus church history is full of accounts such as this, but in saying this as I said I see it very positive and anything that gives Jesus his rightful place in the church in the west which is very different from other parts of the body is a glorious thing and knowing the church of today in the west is filled with all kinds of corruption it is a very welcome redemptive word…God Bless

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