Prophetic Word For The Future part 2

I am coming in a way that i was not expected and the wise among you will not recognize the form in which I will appear, there are those who have faithfully kept my word and walked in purity of heart that I will reveal myself in and they shall come out of no where with fire in their bones they shall speak truth that shall pull back the deceitfulness of men’s hearts and I will be glorified says the Lord.

 Speak out against the corruption in high places but speak as one with a voice of mercy for those who have been held captive by her shame.

There will be those whose foundation will be shook as they wonder and question why did not the Lord protect it, and there will be those who have blessed me for their prosperity who will curse me because of their anguish of soul but I will remain faithful.

There are those who have trusted in the sight of their eyes and have look to their political and religious leaders to deliver them and to give them answers but the day will come when men will once again break down those images and come to me with a pure heart for I alone am the one to deliver.

I have been waiting in line I have been on the outside of my own house my spirit grieves while my wife dances with demons this is the hour I will appear to bring her to my heart and rescue her from her deception and all will know that you are mine says the Lord.

Many have cried unto me as they have been buried in information from those who don’t know me even my own have been wrapped in the grave clothes of ancient spirits who have placed themselves in authority over nations and kingdoms and people they have controlled the nations that men have bowed down to and trusted in their strength rather than in mine, but I am God and I will show myself strong.

There will be a shaking in the high places of government and that which has been called free will no longer be called free, but my people will shine bright in strength they shall do great wonders and miracles.

Those who have trusted in their own riches and the riches of others will be disappointed in the god of mammon there will come in this day men who have longed to be wealthy who shall abandon their wealth and walk away from it in disgust shaking their hands saying we will have it no more.

I will remove the sorcery from the land and those who have used it to rule the world there will be those who will bring their drugs and their incantations in large number shall they come into the streets of their cities and burn them in large piles as they celebrate my liberty that I have given them.

There will be those who have judged and stood as a god who will be humbled before all, this is not a day to hold men’s person in admiration lest you be deceived, but when I appear I will be the admiration that cannot be turned away from for I am the only true God and my love shall shine brightly throughout the land.

There will be those in large number who gather into stadiums to watch their teams and I will show up among them that the game cannot go on, for my wind will appear in places where I am not welcome and I will not ask for permission to do these things for even in the colleges and universities I will expose the lie as my people shake off the filthy garments that have been placed upon them in my name.

The world and it current control will not stand in this day even as I purify the soul of my church the ancient work and the religious order will crumble as men cry out with great pain as their gods are gone and what they had given and pledged their life for is now forever disappeared.

This is not a time to look to the arm of flesh to deliver you nor is it a time for you to look to your images and old traditions to support you but this is my time and it is high time to awake from the present order of things for my wind shall separate the wheat from the chaff, the precious from the vial and the vanity of men will fade as my beauty does appear within you.

This is a day to rejoice for you that have waited for truth to appear and have not and could not find a way out of your bondage this is a day to be glad for those who have been overcome with sadness and disappointment because of the injustice done by others, this is your time to stand up and proclaim with a loud voice our God reigns.

 Scott Stimson Sr.

11 thoughts on “Prophetic Word For The Future part 2

  1. Scott, thank you so much for that word. I will be reading this to my church. Bless you. Sheri Martin

  2. Let the Holy Spirit Winds of change separate the wheat from the chaff and blow the chaff off of denominations and “…isms” that are not Spirit-filled, non Bible teaching, unbelieving and not inviting or welcoming Jesus into His rightful position as the Head of His Church.
    Blow the chaff into the flickering embers to reignite the passion for the Bridegroom and stop the world from further reducing the fire and flame for Truth, Life and the Way. Fan those embers to a hot purifying flaming fire to burn the chaff of mammon, pride, prejudice, deceit, self-entitlement, self-protection and unfruitfulness from church congregations and church buildings with their idolatries, finances and self-proclaimed heirarchy and governing bodies and let them receive the Word of Truth in the Person of Jesus Christ into their hearts and in truth proclaim that our God reigns with a TRUE REVELATION OF OUR GOD WHO IS, WHO WAS AND WHO FOREVER WILL BE and let the bride say “Come Lord Jesus come” with all of her heart.
    Help us Lord to be beacons for You.

  3. In 2003 I saw this in the spirit – now I see it in writing.


  4. Yes indeed our God reigns for ever, no man shall have the glory but see the glory of ourGod.

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