Social Media And The Church?

#17–Social media is changing everything around us including the church, people put everything up here we are now by design monitored at the will of those who desire to monitor us. The question is should the church have counseling and recovery ministry for online and Facebook addictions seeing it is the cause of great blessing and or great pain.



  • Jim Taylor Yes. Sign me up. But make sure I have time to post updates about the counseling

  • David R Huskins I wasn’t addicted till these questions started…will you pay for my counseling?

  • David R Huskins I think for me one thing I have been personally dealt with is to ONLY USE social media for what is good and uplifting. But to the question I understand there are several ministries that do indeed offer counseling and recovery for FB addictions and even if not addicted it does behoove us all from time to time to remember to take a break from computer and cyber world and live some time in the human world.

  • Jim Taylor We have those imposed upon us David … by power outages .. the internet crashing and not working for several days … it’s good for us.

  • Amanda Garner I honesty think addiction to anything is only a symptom of a deeper issue. I have personally unfriended and lost respect for ministry who blasted my newsfeed and personal page with unwelcome political mess. Someone please teach the generations before mine how to use social media. lol

  • Shannon Galon Totally with Bishop David R Huskins on this one…. These questions could turn us into junkies!!


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