My Supernatural Life In Ministry

Acts 1:1 The first account I composed, Theophilus, about all that Jesus began to do and teach, until the day when He was taken up to heaven, after He had by the Holy Spirit given orders to the apostles whom He had chosen.

“Lady Comes out of Wheel Chair”

A lady who was run over with a car by her ex husband was left in a wheel chair for 3 years, She while in pain rode in the back seat to come to our meeting 4 hours away in North Battleford, Saskatchewan Canada during the ministry time I saw a vision of her reaching up and touching a sheet over her head, and she was healed, then instructed the ushers to place my coat over her head she reached up and touched it when she did the power of God went through her and she came up out of the wheelchair her and I ran around the building together as she walked up a flight of stairs healed rejoicing and she has been in our meetings since that time healed..

A woman visited a witch to cast a spell on her boyfriend’s mother while there an evil spirit went into her she came through the prayer line later and before she got to me she was thrown to the floor by that spirit then Jesus set her free, we went and ate with the family as they celebrated her new freedom. 🙂

I once watched a man bring his offering forward when he placed it on the platform his blind eye opened, it went blind when he was a child through an accident. Praise God Jesus the healer

A demonized man came walking in the back of a church yelling and screaming, I was in the middle of an important message to the preachers who was there then the voice of the Lord came out of me and I spoke to him shut your mouth now and don’t say a word till i’m finished he fell to the floor and was silent until I was done then hecontinued where he left off.

I was once attacked while ministering by a man who wanted to kill me in his own words, He didn’t remember it happening all he could recall was he couldn’t take his eyes off of me and then a light came out of the sky and went through him. For 24 years he lived in fear slept with his light on and would walk around his trailer with his gun before sleep, but that night and afterwards he could sleep in peace.

I have seen numerous people instantly healed of knee feet and back problems verifiable a year later some needed knee replacement but a creative miracle fixed it. To God be all the glory.

A young man who burned out his mind on drugs was unable to carry on a conversation would sit in the floor during ministry and was unreachable he was totally healed after a prophetic word to his dad he called me pastor the same day and played drums like a professional.

A man who was totally blind was instantly healed then gave his heart to Jesus, He came to the same place everyday for a year he had been praying for God to send somebody by to pray for him when we spoke to his eyes to see he was healed he got so excited as he begin to cry out I can see this and I can see that.

I know of at least 4 people who have given testimony of being healed of Hepatitis-C in different locations all verified through testing.

A man was healed instantly of Hepatitis-C after the Lord revealed he had a blood condition then after 2 test the blood count went from many millions to 0.

I ministered on planting a garden (giving out of what we have into our world) while preaching I put money in the garden which was a square spot on the floor others also joined in, the next morning when I came back to the building God’s presence was manifested in this one spot that I had called a garden that whoever stepped into the garden was overcome by His Glory.

I called a man out to minister to him and in the course of the prophesy I put 40 dollars in his hands then he gave testimony he had lost his job his wife just had a baby and he had 3 dollars for milk. God spoke to him to give it in the offering and trust him he did it and the Lord gave him 40.00 that night and also the Lord gave him a job that week.

A woman who was mute “unable to speak” came for prayer the Lord said to me you will have to cast it out I commanded it to come out in Jesus name she hit the floor and within 5 minutes she was speaking normal.

A woman who was dying of cancer had just left the hospital and they brought her straight to our meeting, In that service the Lord healed her all pain left and the cancer went with it.

A young woman in her late 20’s had been diagnosed with cancer it was confirmed and she was suppose to start treatments, but Jesus healed her she never needed it because the cancer was gone.

I was taken in a vision to Africa i walked down a dirt road with someone who I didn’t know we walked into a little house I saw a young man I had never seen before and I ministered to him prophetically then the vision ended i was on my face praying, and the Lord spoke to me and said you will be going to Africa.. 3 weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Northern Nigeria with a picture paper clipped it was the man I had seen in the vision the letter was saying God said your heart had been prepared to come to Africa 9 months later myself and 3 others went to the Islamic zoned area in the North we found out they had been killing all missionaries that came there we did get harrassed, but God protected us we were there for 16 days, They said during one 6 night crusade and we have no way to verify it that 4500 gave their heart to Jesus 2800 testified to being healed by the power of God we were able to buy land and pay for a building to hold 2000 people . this is a very short version

A man came up for prayer he was blind in one eye he went back to his seat unchanged,but that night while laying in bed he said it was like someone put drops in that eye and it opened he could see his wife who was a Muslim she gave her heart to Jesus.

One day while praying the Lord spoke to me go to a pawn shop I didn’t know what for I walked in and out and went and sit in my car not knowing what to do I watched a young lady go in then back out, The Spirit said run to her and give her this message God wants you to know He is the one who meets your need and you do not have to fear and then i put money in her hands she began to weep. He knows what your going through you can trust Him.

One of my greatest joys in ministry has been giving money away during the prophetic flow seeing exact needs met to the penny some times by revelation or prophetically putting it on the floor and not knowing what or who God would use it for.

One night while preaching in I was caught up in the spirit and have no recollection of the message I was caught up in another realm I cannot explain, but the people were blessed. Another night I was concerned no one was listening to me then afterwards the pastor told me while I was preaching I was covered in gold I had no idea, but they all saw it afterwards i drove stopped at a hotel randomly and when I got to my room the clerk called me and said he did not want to take my money it was on them.

A woman who had a stroke was paralysed on one side she had to be helped into church but after ministry she danced all over the church came back the next night testifying to the power of God.

A woman who was convinced God did not love her and had a severe back condition and was waiting surgery she allowed me to lay hands on her in faith only because she loved and respected me immediately she was healed never needed surgery and then she knew He did love her after all.

A man had to be carried into service because of a stroke The next morning he came back to service walking with no need of assistance.

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