A Life Of Miracles Part 2

A man who had moved to a city for work and was fired unjustly shortly after getting there, On a Sunday eve. The word of the Lord came over him that it was still his job and God would restore it back to him, The next morning his boss who fired him died suddenly,and he got a call that morning to come back to work.

A man with stomach cancer in great pain was healed by the power of God all pain left and he was able to eat the same night.

A man who was suppose to have both knees replaced through surgery received a creative miracle and no longer needs it.

A man dressed as a medicine man came into our service one night while I was preaching he attempted to put a curse on me with all kinds of arm motions he came within a foot from me, but I ignored him as soon as I was done preaching the Lord healed a woman of Rheumatoid Arthritis on the front roll and then many others started getting healed all over the building he then became afraid and wanted the credit he said we were working together to heal the people.there is much more to this story.

A woman in her 60’s had an intestinal disease since she was 18 she could not travel in the car for very long at all, Her friend convinced her to come to our meeting 2 1/2 hrs away when she came she was healed. For over 45 years she had this condition she heard the simple truth the work has already been done 2000 years ago and you can receive now.

A woman testified that she was healed of hunchback in our service it was hereditary.

One night while preaching in I was caught up in the spirit and have no recollection of the message I was caught up in another realm I cannot explain but the people were blessed. Another night

A woman testified to being healed of a broken pelvic bone and walked accordingly.

A blind lady in her 70’s was led into service by a friend or family member she came expecting a miracle during ministry time the Lord opened her eyes and she described the whole platform and what was on the wall then walked out on her own.

 There was a man who had been in pain in his foot for 7 years his bones were fusing together, but he said all pain was gone while stomping his foot and walking also he couldn’t turn his neck, but he did after ministry.

A lady testified to being healed of diabetes her sugar level became normal and she no longer needed insulin.

I went to a meeting one night with no money I knew I had enough gas to get there not sure i had enough to get home, The church was asking for 200 dollars for the speaker I remember I had a 2 dollar bill in my billfold that my late father had given me the Lord said give it in the offering, It turned out to be 201 dollars mine made the difference.  Later on i was counting an offering given to me and there was a 2 dollar bill in it the Lord spoke to me and said i brought it back to you the same series and everything i framed it.

I once left home to go on a 1200 mile trip to New Jersey I had 11 dollars in my pocket and needed a miracle, but God said to go and He would provide when I returned home 10 days later I had 11,000 by His hand.

There has been numerous people healed of arthritis lupus, and auto immune disorders in our meetings some times people may be healed with no symptoms for a season, but if they don’t change their diet the same problem may return because it is food or liquid induced.

A 13 year old girl began hallucinating at a girl scout camp she was overcome with fear seeing visions of death and assumed another personality and a name with other supernatural events, One week later in the same tent where she and my niece slept there was 3 girls murdered unsolved to this day. My sister brought her to my house as she was a friend of my niece I told her I wanted to pray for her and she began to scream and another voice came out of her I addressed it by name and reminded it Jesus had defeated Satan I commanded it to come out In Jesus name and leave my home it did both, she gave her heart to Jesus that day and was filled with the Holy Spirit. very short version

A man who tried to commit suicide twice and died once and brought back he lived in a tent in the woods his hair was all matted together, and he was very bound someone went and got him and brought his to service and he had a powerful encounter with Jesus who totally delivered him, today he has had a stable job for many years married and his pastor told me he was the most faithful one in his church.

A woman whose son was in the military claimed to be an atheist and was now an alcoholic she had me to pray over a handkerchief and expect a miracle he was home on leave later she put it in his pillow case then gave testimony he gave his life to Jesus after she had done that, and he was delivered.

One night a man who claimed to be a Satanist priest came to our service, during the worship the presence of God was so strong that I could not stand under the power of God and laid in the floor, when I came to myself I saw the church worshiping and dancing the Satanist was worshiping Jesus with everyone else with his hands raised something happened to him.

A drug dealer called me one morning and said God had been talking to him and that he had a demon and God said I knew how to get it out, I told him you and your wife be in the service tomorrow and come up after I preach and I will pray for you when they came forward God saved and delivered them after a mild confrontation with the spirit in him.

A young girl who was legally blind with very thick glasses came forward received ministry showed no emotion walked back to her seat took her glasses off and began to cry as she could read her bible without her glasses.

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