Proverbs 3 Red Neck Translation (RNT)

Proverbs 3 Red Neck Translation

1 Alright boy, you best not forget what i show you,
and keep what I tell ya right in the middle of yer heart,
2 they will make you live a good long time.
and give ya a worry free mind and a real good life.

3 Hang on to loving folks and give em a break and be honest ;
don’t never forget this either,
write em in your heart like you write that girls name in that big tree
4 When ya do things right its gonna go good for ya, and even decent folks will like ya and the good Lord will notice it too.

Then folks will know the good Lord smiled on you and you kept your word to him and to your neighbor.

5 Rely on the good Lord with all yer heart
    and pay no attention to that head of yours;
in all your ways let him go first,
    and he will keep you on the right road.

Now boy don’t ever get to thinking your as sharp as my best ax;
give to the good Lord his proper due and stay away from hurting others.
This will keep your body feeling right good
    and it will be like granny’s medicine for your bones.

9 Give to the Lord before you give to yourself ,

whatever you earn at payday or harvest take it right off the top;

10 he will make sure them barns are full ,

and your grapes make the best wine.11 My boy, don’t go getting yourself a bad attitude and fretting about having to live right and all ,

12 cause the good Lord corrects them he really cares about,

just like my pa did me and like I do you, that don’t mean i don’t care bout ya.13 You can count yourself special and get good horse sense,when ya figure life out,

14 its better than money

and better than finding a gold mine.

15 it’s worth more than them there red rubies the lady in the city had;

well shoot there ain’t nothing you can even want that is any better then gettin the good Lord’s thoughts.

16 In the right hand ya live long;

in the left hand ya got all the goods ya could want without stealing it from folks either.

17 thinking like God just make ya feel right good ,

and makes ya live in a peaceful kinda way.

18 it’ll be a like a fruit tree of living to them who hang on to his thoughts ;

those who don’t give up gonna be real happy.19  The Good Lord’s horse sense put all this earth together anyway,

it was his figurin that hung them stars in their place;

 It was by his know how he divided up the oceans from land and told the clouds to bring dew in the mornin time.

21 Now boy, don’t lose sight of the good Lord’s horse sense and how he thinks,
 keep your head up and pay attention to where yer going;
22 they will give you a right good life,
    an make you feel like things just go good for you.
23 Then you’ll be right safe when you go down dark roads, and you’ll not get tripped up.
24 When ya lay down at night, you won’t be scared;
    , and your sleep will be down right sweet.
25 Don’t go gettin scared of something real bad happening
    or the hard times that takes over cruel folks,
26  The good Lord will stand right by yer side
    and will keep you from gettin caught in a trap.

27 Don’t go hidin from folks you owe money to when it’s due, and you got it right there beside you.
28 Don’t go saying to yer neighbor,
    “come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to ya”—
    when you got it right there in yer pocket.
29 Don’t go planning to hurt your neighbor,
    after all they trust you enough to live right beside you.
30 Don’t go accusing folks for no reason—
    when they ain’t done nothin to you.

31 Don’t get jealous of those mean cruel folks
    or take up any of their dad burn ways.

32 For the good Lord don’t take to kindly to twisted folks who hurt others
    but he will sure enough fight for the ones who live right.
33 The cruel folks are on the wrong side of the good Lord that there is miserable place,
    but he sure enough looks out for those who live right.
34 The good lord makes fun of those who make fun of others.
    but smiles on them who are humble and have a tough time.
35 Wise folks gonna be honored,
    but the stupid only get disappointed.

(CW) 2013

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