The Nature Of Giving

The giver lives in you and flows through you to support his own work and bless people.

From Jackie Hyatt Lacy We have all sat through manipulative giving and intimidation tactics but if that abuse still determines our giving, then we haven’t yet known grace giving. In fact it is my opinion, that if the abuse of the past in the area of giving keeps us from giving then the manipulators of the past are still controlling us. I am not giving anyone the power to rule what I do and don’t do because of what they have done. It is time to renew our minds with His grace and acknowledge that there is Giver living in us and we can be demonstration of His giving nature and walk in His likeness. I don’t have to give to be blessed, I can give because I am blessed and I love to because it isn’t a discipline or a command, it is my nature. Thank God! end quote

Those who understand who they are and what they have will never be afraid to give, those who don’t will have to face their insecurity.

Our offerings have a fragrance they either smell like sweet grace or bitter law.

We give cheerfully when we give to who we love and believe in, when its from a passionate heart not a dead law.

Giving is a key that opens the door to abundance and liberates us from greed and spiritual resistance.

Under the old covenant it is if you will I will, but under the new it is an eternal I will it is settled.

If you don’t like hearing about giving you have probably heard it in condemnation or manipulation, but not liberty as it should be.

Giving is only giving when it is freely done, if it is through law, pressure, manipulation, or fear it is no longer giving, but it is stolen by persuasion.

You have been given all things even before you ever gave anything, the enemy cannot steal your true riches only the illusion of what you thought you had.

In Luke 6:38 when Jesus said give and it shall be given money is not mentioned, he was talking about judgment and forgiveness.

You are much richer than you think you are it isn’t valued by your bank account, but by your peace and relationships.

In giving don’t let your left hand (the natural) know what your right hand (Spiritual) is doing, but give from the spirit before God and as one with God.

Only give out of grace through faith and never give because of threats of being cursed if you don’t.

Giving in the understanding we already have all things is the highest form of giving.

A cheerful giver never gives to get something, but from an understanding they are one with God.

When we give from who we are in Christ we reject manipulation and human pressure and give from a faith that see’s unlimited kingdom resources.

Many years ago I started giving back to the people by putting money into their hands during personal ministry and I have seen needs met to the penny.

The richest man who ever lived died and left you an inheritance then rose again to become the executor of his own will.

You have been given an open heaven, every door is open, and the abundance of all things to enjoy.

If you believe God won’t bless if you don’t give or obey him, then you frustrate grace and limit yourself receiving from him.

Some people say God blesses me because I tithe I say its because that is what you believe is the condition for your blessing, the truth is he already blessed you with everything before you tithed or gave.

Your giving is the proof of your faith, but not a condition for God to bless you.

Give simply, spontaneously, cheerfully, systematically, and purposefully, but not from pressure fear or manipulation.

You are only as rich or poor as your source is, God is the possessor of heaven and earth.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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