7 Things About Prophetic Ministry

I Thessalonians 5:20-21 “Despise not prophesying, prove all things hold fast that which is good.”

I have been in prophetic ministry for over 25 years I have literally ministered to thousands of people individually personal ministry to as many as 400 in one week

I have been blessed to see the word change lives forever, all to the glory of God.

I learned early that the ministry must be built on the word of God and not on the gift prophets and prophetic ministry are foundational and should always be about the revealing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE: When the Old Covenant was taken away so were the Old Testament Prophets we now have a New Covenant Ministry of the Prophetic.


“7 Things To Remember About Prophetic Ministry”


(1) Purity of motives are essential in prophetic ministry make sure it is not about being seen or admired by others, the gifts are not to make us look good in the flesh.

(2) We must be responsible for the word that we give “Example” If we tell some one to quit their job make sure we are ready to support them if it isn’t God.

(3) Don’t judge by the outward appearance,the Lord speaks to the potential (the seed) Give the word but stay away from trying to interpret the prophesy for them.

(4) Be accountable both to the person you are ministering too and the authority in their life “Example” When ministering to the children call the parents or the person in charge to hear what is being said.

(5) The gifts are not to impress the public if we are not sure about something we should submit it to the person we are ministering to “Example” Don’t tell them their name is Sam when it is Jerry don’t tell them they have a son when they don’t.

(6) Prophesy from a platform of faith not from a negative vision of fear if you see darkness wait for the light to come. Rom.12:6

(7) Never dominate others with your gift, being able to prophesy does not mean you are spiritual it just means you have a gift for the body of Christ.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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