7 Things We Should Know About The Kingdom

7 Things we should know about the Kingdom

1—The kingdom of heaven, The kingdom of God, and The kingdom of His dear son is the same kingdom it is used over 160 times in the New Testament it is a present reality and it is eternal.

2—The Kingdom is in the spirit and it has a king a territory, citizens, principles and glory.

3—We cannot see the Kingdom until we are born of the Spirit (John 3) before the cross we were told to (Seek) first the kingdom after the cross we now (See) the kingdom and enter into it through faith.

Before the cross we were told to pray thy kingdom come in earth as it is in heaven now we understand the kingdom is come in us and is made visible through the life of the king.

4— We inherit the kingdom now through our relationship with the king the Lord Jesus Christ not someday when we die and go to heaven, but we have already been brought into the kingdom and delivered from the power of darkness. (Col.1:12)

5–The kingdom  is the sovereign rule of God it is greater then all other kingdoms and it is founded on the oath of God that he cannot lie and cannot change the increase of the kingdom and peace there shall be no end. (Isaiah 9)

6—Kingdom in it’s most simplest form means the king’s dominion the government of God to you and I it means Christ ruling in us and through us as king.

7–The importance of the kingdom is seen by its emphasis throughout scripture after the resurrection Jesus spent 40 days talking about the kingdom.

In Acts  8 Phillip preached Christ in Samaria, and when they heard him teach the kingdom they believed, Paul the apostle spent two years in his own rent house and received all that came to him teaching them about the kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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