How To Recognize A Seducing Spirit?

Oh, foolish Galatians! “Who has cast an evil spell on you”? For the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to you as if you had seen a picture of his death on the cross. Gal.3:1 nlt

It always amazes me and i have experienced it how the soul can be taken over by this spirit either in a twisted relational way or in a religious way.

A seducing spirit may come through an individual or a group, male or female it is not always sexual, it can simply be religious, but it is very dangerous and should be recognized, exposed, and then shunned.

Definitions= Something that attracts, especially with the (promise) of pleasure or reward

 , Seduction is frequently used more broadly as a synonym for the act of charming someone–male or female–by an appeal to the senses

It needs us to listen to it, Nehemiah in scripture refused to talk with his enemies because they approached in a way to seduce him to stop his work.

7 way to recognize a seducing spirit

(1)  Flattery combined with a measure of charm, arrogance and charisma is a dangerous recipe…

In Pro  7 The harlot had most of the ingredients of the anointing spices and with flattery and talk she seduced a young man with no understanding.

(2)  Will not take no for an answer will be persistent much like Potiphar’s wife in scripture where she pursued Joseph daily then turned on him when she could not get him to turn, so is the way of this spirit if it can’t get you to turn it will turn on you.

(3) Will choose to manipulate you or may turn to others to do it for them rather then to cooperate and communicate in an open manner and will desire to isolate you from others you love in order to control you.

(4) Pressure to get us to violate our conscience or to break down our principles.

(5) Will focus on our weaknesses and then play upon them, it wants to have power over us.

(6) Has the ability through our blind spots or hurts to cast a spell upon us meaning to send us into confusion and disillusionment.

(7) It Is self absorbed and proud, but may appear humble, very insecure but may appear confident, Is a taker but may appear to be a giver.

Scott Stimson Sr.


4 thoughts on “How To Recognize A Seducing Spirit?”

  1. This was a very timely word for me, for a couple situations in my life, I knew I was sensing something, and I asked the Lord to show me, if it was so. Thank-you!

  2. Thank you Scott, reflecting over days gone by I recognize now where some have played the part in my life where God just wouldn’t let things happen, how profound, thank you once again for the words of wisdom, you are appreciated.

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