Giving From The Finished Work

Your very giving proves the reality of your faith, this means that men will thank God that you practice the gospel you profess to believe in. (J.B. Phillips translation of 2 Cor.9:13)

Everything we preach or live is to flow out of the finished work of Christ giving and money are no different. 

The truth is that God has already given us all things that pertain to life and Godliness 2 Pet.1:3;  Epe.1:3; Rom 8:31;1Tim 6:17;   

  Problem arises when we seek to have God give to us beyond what he already has if this happens we open the door to manipulation, greed, fear tactics, covetousness, taking our eyes off of Him and putting them on others.

When we understand that we have all things and our minds are set on the eternal giving is no longer a threat we take charge of our world by turning it into a garden and planting seeds God provides seed for the sower.

We are already rich in Christ we don’t give to become rich or so that God will give to us;  He has already blessed us. (Eph.1:3)  our world may not know it right now but truth is in Christ; not in our world.

Preachers susceptible to the errors of financial manipulation because that is where we get our living from, but we must avoid the financial temptations no matter what it takes; even if it means suffering financially for a season or working with our own hands “IT IS WORTH IT”.

Beware of  Anyone who promises us blessings or curses associated with our giving.  “read Micah 3 and 4 for more on this”  The truth is you are already blessed your rich and cannot be cursed we are not giving to get, but giving because we already have all things showing visible proof of our faith.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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