Discerning Real Relationships

 I did write a letter to the church, but Diotrephes, who wants to be head of everything, does not recognize us! If I do come to you, I shall not forget his actions nor the slanderous things he has said against us. 3 John 9

  Never try to keep someone in your life that God is removing just let them go not only for their good, but for yours never try to force relationships let them come to you in mutual agreement.

People who want to know the truth about you will hear all sides before they make any kind of judgment, and those who choose to believe a lie are not real friends anyway they have ulterior motives.

You never have to convince real friends and your enemies don’t care about the truth they believe what they want to.

(1)   When beginning a new relationship never ignore warning signals Example: Disrespect for you or for what you have, where you live, especially dis-respecting your family, rudeness toward others like in the restaurant and gossip of others should not be overlooked.

— If they will gossip to you they will gossip about you. “gossip means malicious intent”

(2)   You shouldn’t have to change who you are in order to be liked while on the other hand we should always improve upon ourselves, also remember no one has the right to speak into your life without your permission unless they have laid down their lives or they have given you money if that happens they have the right to speak up because you have opened up yourself.

 (3)   We should be able to disagree on issues, and ideas without damaging the relationship we must not be so dogmatic about issues give others room for mistakes, and it is alright to be wrong because it is not all about us or what we think anyway.

(4)   Real relationships should never be forced through control or manipulation they should be built through love & mutual respect with the test of time and difficulty.

(5)   Beware when it is all one-sided when the conversation’s are always about them, and when they make a conscious attempt to convince you of their success, if they always want to be the center of attention, but have no real interest in you or your wishes this is toxic.

(6)   Real relationships will not be self serving nor will they be for money or popularity, nor to fill a rejection or another need based emotion, they will still love you even when you don’t do what they like.

(7)   God will bring people into our lives who help equip and balance us they are leaders some are like parents they will mentor us where we need to grow, they will not change who they are to fit us.

(8) Never allow yourself to get caught up in the facade or the outward show, but always look deeper than the obvious, those who really love you most are the one’s who know your weaknesses and bad secrets, but yet remain with you in heart.

(9) Beware when they always expect you to pay at dinner especially if it is a date the one who asked out should pay, also watch how they conduct themselves in public are they polite? are they demanding? do they treat the waiter or waitress with disrespect because if they do watch out that is how you could eventually be treated.

 When ya hear a fool talking angry like they ain’t got no sense, best get away from them in a hurry. Proverbs 14:7 RNT

Scott Stimson Sr.

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