Is It A Social Club Or A Local Church?

#20 There has been a trend on being church friendly among spirit filled groups dress anyway you desire get the people in and get them out no prophesy, no healing of the sick, no body life you only hear from the band and speaker it normally consist of 20 minutes of praise singing, 30 minutesContinue reading “Is It A Social Club Or A Local Church?”

What About Corruption And Accountability In Church Leadership?

There is and has always been corruption in church leaders, such as abuse of money, sexual sins infidelity, drug use, arrogance refusing to listen to anyone, the continued party life but no real care for the people, the I’m right your wrong shut up type thing or your cursed.. How do we bring in accountabilityContinue reading “What About Corruption And Accountability In Church Leadership?”

How Should The Church Handle Marketing Groups?

#18 a 3 part ? Should the church allow MLM groups to market among the congregation or discuss investment opportunities openly with the church? Should the church protect its more wealthier members from those who want to borrow money from them? Answers David R Huskins well I am glad we have the mention of wealthy membersContinue reading “How Should The Church Handle Marketing Groups?”

Social Media And The Church?

#17–Social media is changing everything around us including the church, people put everything up here we are now by design monitored at the will of those who desire to monitor us. The question is should the church have counseling and recovery ministry for online and Facebook addictions seeing it is the cause of great blessingContinue reading “Social Media And The Church?”

What Do We Do About The Political divide In the Church Among Races?

#15–Especially In the USA the church is divided politically across racial lines blacks and whites. How will the church address this division and speak truth to the core issues and root causes? will we just go back to pretending it isn’t there and hope it goes away or will we openly address it in wisdomContinue reading “What Do We Do About The Political divide In the Church Among Races?”

What About The Church Looking To The Media For Leadership

The church today is increasingly looking toward fox news and conservative talk show host as their preachers and teachers while they may be good people yet they are not apostles or prophets but have been given that place by a large portion of the church the result of this is strife and division among God’sContinue reading “What About The Church Looking To The Media For Leadership”

What About Ministries Who Charge Large Honorariums?

#14 There is an alarming trend that within the church there are well known ministries who bring in multiplied millions especially through books and materials and live very extravagantly way beyond what most could dream of, and some receive up to 50,000 or more for a speaking engagement with other demands, they justify it byContinue reading “What About Ministries Who Charge Large Honorariums?”

How Does The Church Speak to The Issues In The Middle East?

#13 How will the church speak to the situation in the middle east because within us there is a division between those who think the nation of Israel is God’s chosen people and are elevated above other nations, based upon a belief that is being taught and re-enforced constantly through Christian ministries and Christian TV,Continue reading “How Does The Church Speak to The Issues In The Middle East?”

What About The Heavy Pressure Being Put On People In Church?

#12 In today society people are under heavy pressure from all sides causing family break up and often neglected children What is the churches responsibility to this and how can we continue with our many programs without robbing families of their precious time.   David R Huskins Again for me this is not a church questionContinue reading “What About The Heavy Pressure Being Put On People In Church?”

Should We Meet In A Church Building Or A House?

#11 There is in the church where we have 2 extremes we have the structured traditional church where we hear many times a dynamic leader worship teaching and often times a greater ability to influence communities and we also have home or organic churches where body ministry is more the focus with leaders who organizeContinue reading “Should We Meet In A Church Building Or A House?”