A People Of His Feet

There is in this day a people who are the  feet of the body they carry the weight of the entire body of Christ every nerve ending in the body is in them they are a foundation for others to stand upon they have been tested in the furnace of affliction and washed by the master, they are beautiful unto all they are sent too they are hidden until he walks Jesus the head has need of them to subdue the earth and bear witness of his victory over every enemy.

7 things about a feet people

(1)–Peter said to Him, “Never shall You wash my feet!” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.

 This speaks to us of something symbolic a people who have been washed from the dirt of earthly influence first Adam dust realm and it is brought about through the servant ministry of Jesus living in them and serving through them for he is the servant of servants.

2–His feet were like burnished bronze, when it has been made to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. Rev. 1:15

The people of his feet have been burned in the furnace they have been tried afflicted through the fire and burned as fine brass which speaks of judgment and now their lives judge circumstances meaning they restore to order wherever they walk.

3–The last enemy that will be abolished is death. For HE HAS PUT ALL THINGS IN SUBJECTION UNDER HIS FEET. But when He says, “All things are put in subjection,” it is evident that He is excepted who put all things in subjection to Him. 1 Cor.15:26-27

“A feet people will subdue all enemies including death itself they have been given full dominion in the earth and nothing can resist them”.

You will tread upon the lion and cobra, The young lion and the serpent you will trample down. Psalms 91:13  “A feet people trample all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt them.”

4—Isa.52:7–How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of (him) who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Romans 10:15 –And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of (them) who bring good news!”

 The feet of (him) in Isaiah has now become the feet of (them) in Romans him is now many membered.

5–And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; or again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.

“The head Jesus cannot say to the feet I have no need of you the head comes first in child birth and the feet last this is the time for his feet to be seen in the earth.

6–Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

This feet people are anointed with a special anointing it cost them much, such as reputation, will, relationships, careers personal dreams, they’ve been hurt, bruised, wounded yet they stand and the world is not worthy, Through grace they are anointed for burial and they know the fellowship of his sufferings.

7–The glory of Lebanon shall come to you, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary; and I will make the place of “my feet” glorious. Isa. 60:13

This feet people are the exhibition of God in the earth a divine expression of everything the head has done and desires a first fruit unto God and the lamb.

Other examples of the feet

A sun clothed woman and the moon under her feet.

The heaven is my throne the earth is my foot stool

Ruth uncovered Boaz feet in Ruth 3

Mephibosheth was lame on his feet 2 sam. 9

King Asa was diseased in his feet.

His feet came down upon the mount of Olives which is the place of his anointing head and body yet one mountain and one anointing.

H Scott Stimson

Maranatha- A Song I Wrote – Meaning Our Lord Comes He is the ever coming one

This came Oct 23rd 1998 as a song of the Lord, I revised it in 2009 adding a verse and changing the melody.

Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 16:22

“Maranatha means Our Lord Comes”

Verse—When i was young they told me Jesus would come, Now that I’m older i understand.
He came to me one autumn night and touched my eyes and gave me sight.


Maranatha our Lord comes, Maranatha He appears, Maranatha He now rules.

Verse-Those that look for Him shall He appear,those that love Him they shall behold Him, lift up your eyes unto Him.


Verse–When you ask him you shall receive, when you seek him you shall find Him, and when you knock the door shall be opened.


(cw) written by H. Scott Stimson Sr.

10 Kinds Of Women

Women are meant to be valued, loved and appreciated just look at Jesus he is a lifter of women, while many religion’s tear them down and think of them as only the property of the man even in some christian churches they forbid them to be in the ministry or preach holding them down to ancient barbaric cultures that are not relevant either to life or to freedom.

10 Kinds of Women

1—The Soccer Mom: She is driven, she is typically into material things and into sports even if she doesn’t understand them, she likes the social life but rarely has the time for it, she raises kids works on a job in some cases has very little time for herself or spouse.

The problem is she has been programmed to think a certain way from her childhood through the school, the media, movies and her favorite programs on TV she can either be sweet and helpful or she can be selfish discontented and hard to get along with.

 2—Women who seek to gain power over others by seduction, sex appeal and deception, they are called by some gold diggers they also find that it is easy to compromise values for money because they lack self motivation and personal responsibility they have placed outward vanity over true character.

3— Those who never grow up they are called by some cougars older women who seeks the younger man because it helps them feel more youthful and to have fun sexually or just younger companionship’s that still have some life, this many times is because they have had their emotional growth stunted either by sexual physical or mental abuse either from a previous spouse, parent or both.

4— The party girl she is tough she party’s hard works hard has a lot of good common sense except in some cases when it come to sex with the wrong ones or when she has too much to drink and makes bad decisions she love her country can be opinionated and would fight for what is right, most can’t stand religion they love their own they know God loves them sometimes they will be called a redneck party girl but not always the case.

5—Career minded independent woman she is too busy to have a family unless they are also independent she will spends hours in the office she micro manages relationships she needs to be in control she is performance driven, would love to settle down and have an intimate relationship but has trouble finding one that really works because her career is first.

6—The one who is co-dependent,  jealous, clingy, she can easily become a nag especially when she feels anxious or insecure about her relationship she looks for someone else to hold on to and give her self esteem it is hard for her to ever really enjoy a healthy relationship because she self sabotages.

7—Women who are compassionate, humanitarian type, mercy oriented many live their lives hoping for the right companion to come along but often just live a single life or one with no children because they have a low tolerance for them, they may be artistic gifted people and they can be wonderful as long as they remain a free spirit if not they will feel trapped and it can turn to deep discontentment and depression.

8—Those who are born to be a wife and a mother starting from their baby dolls as a child they have cultivated the desire to nurture others they find contentment in serving their family they love and respect their husband’s and have no real desire to be seen for themselves as long as they know their husband loves them and the children honor them they have dignity, self worth and value far above material possessions.

9— The woman who loves God is a good mother works hard she desires to be loved for just who she is, life is hard for her, but she presses through she has went through some of if not all of the previous roles I mentioned, and has emerged to be a better person she is a pillar and a leader in waiting for the right situation and the right relationship.

10—The woman who hates men and believes that all men are the same they have been abused by men cheated on by men misunderstood and put down by men now they have become bitter and gender prejudice snake bitten in life, they will often become activist or seek ways to pay men back for what has happened to them.

Scott Stimson Sr.

Finding Someone Special


“Surpassing what is common or usual; Exceptional:”

S—–Spiritually Compatible—-Fellowship and true intimacy is the craving of the soul, it comes from understanding and knowing that you are spiritually moving in the same direction.

P—–Physically Compatible—–You are not just spiritual beings there should be the physical attraction as well, and the desire to be presentable to the other.

E—–Educationally Compatible——Education many times determines our outlook on life if it will be a life of excellence or mediocrity.

C—–Communication and Caring—–Communication is more than just talking, it is coming to really know the other person, just as well as we know ourselves.

Communications is to learn how to speak the language of expressions, reasoning, feelings, culture and the principles of the other.

I——Identity——It is important that each person have their own identity this will keep us or them from becoming co-dependent, obsessive, or abusive.

A—–Affection—-1 : A moderate feeling or emotion 2 : tender attachment : passion, fondness: Affection— The breath of romance.

L——Love——-You need to really be in Love there needs to be the bonding and vulnerability that comes from being in Love this means serving, caring, respecting, believing in, and enjoying one another.

“When these come together it is called good chemistry and they can come together for married couples when the spouse becomes more than just the one they married they become that SPECIAL one.”

 Scott Stimson Sr

Friends In Low Places (MY Version Rewritten)



                  G                          Dm

1. Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in truth,


    and ruined your religious affair.

            D                               D7

    The first one to know, the first one to show,


    I was the last one you thought you’d see there.

               G                                    Dm

2. And I saw the surprise and the fear and the lies

             Am                                     C

    when  I  took away all their shame.


    I praised and, said babylon, “you are now through,


    and the church shall forever reign.”


‘Cause I got friends in low places,

where the spirit moves and the word chases

       Am                         D

their blues away, and they will be okay.


And I’m not big on religious faces, think I’ll slip on down to the oasis,

      Am                    -D             G           G – Am – D – G

oh, I’ve got friends       in low places.

                 G                            Dm

3. Well I got a new song, I just don’t belong,


    but then, I’ve been here before.

                D                        D7

    Everything’s all right, I’ll just stay in the light,


    and I’ll show them all to the door.

           G                        Dm                                Am                              C

4. Hey I didn’t mean to stand up and sing, but she just has an hour and then

            D                                                                           D7

    She will be in hell and her smoke shall forever ascend.

Arise Song

(E)                                                    Am                                                  C

When I walked through the door the way i always did before, but this time


something changed…

E                                            C                                            Am

There was no one else around when I heard another sound saying:


                                                                                                                                                                   G                      D             D7        G             C                                        D

              Arise… Go from this place  Arise   Take hold of this new day  Arise…

C                               G

 Go in the spirit of grace

Em                              A                        D7    G

 The heavens and the earth say arise…..

E                                                  Am         C                                           Dm7

I looked out through the window the wind was blowing hard,

G                  A                                D       Am                                            C                       Em

it had not rained for many days, then I heard the burst of thunder the storms


clouds they made me wonder.

Repeat Chorus

E                                      Am                       C              A                   G

Now the day has all ended and the sun has descended there is darkness all

D                                  A                               D7

around but then i heard a different sound..

Repeat Chorus:

H.Scott Stimson  (c)  Aug 16th 2010

A Life Of Miracles Part 2

A man who had moved to a city for work and was fired unjustly shortly after getting there, On a Sunday eve. The word of the Lord came over him that it was still his job and God would restore it back to him, The next morning his boss who fired him died suddenly,and he got a call that morning to come back to work.

A man with stomach cancer in great pain was healed by the power of God all pain left and he was able to eat the same night.

A man who was suppose to have both knees replaced through surgery received a creative miracle and no longer needs it.

A man dressed as a medicine man came into our service one night while I was preaching he attempted to put a curse on me with all kinds of arm motions he came within a foot from me, but I ignored him as soon as I was done preaching the Lord healed a woman of Rheumatoid Arthritis on the front roll and then many others started getting healed all over the building he then became afraid and wanted the credit he said we were working together to heal the people.there is much more to this story.

A woman in her 60’s had an intestinal disease since she was 18 she could not travel in the car for very long at all, Her friend convinced her to come to our meeting 2 1/2 hrs away when she came she was healed. For over 45 years she had this condition she heard the simple truth the work has already been done 2000 years ago and you can receive now.

A woman testified that she was healed of hunchback in our service it was hereditary.

One night while preaching in I was caught up in the spirit and have no recollection of the message I was caught up in another realm I cannot explain but the people were blessed. Another night

A woman testified to being healed of a broken pelvic bone and walked accordingly.

A blind lady in her 70’s was led into service by a friend or family member she came expecting a miracle during ministry time the Lord opened her eyes and she described the whole platform and what was on the wall then walked out on her own.

 There was a man who had been in pain in his foot for 7 years his bones were fusing together, but he said all pain was gone while stomping his foot and walking also he couldn’t turn his neck, but he did after ministry.

A lady testified to being healed of diabetes her sugar level became normal and she no longer needed insulin.

I went to a meeting one night with no money I knew I had enough gas to get there not sure i had enough to get home, The church was asking for 200 dollars for the speaker I remember I had a 2 dollar bill in my billfold that my late father had given me the Lord said give it in the offering, It turned out to be 201 dollars mine made the difference.  Later on i was counting an offering given to me and there was a 2 dollar bill in it the Lord spoke to me and said i brought it back to you the same series and everything i framed it.

I once left home to go on a 1200 mile trip to New Jersey I had 11 dollars in my pocket and needed a miracle, but God said to go and He would provide when I returned home 10 days later I had 11,000 by His hand.

There has been numerous people healed of arthritis lupus, and auto immune disorders in our meetings some times people may be healed with no symptoms for a season, but if they don’t change their diet the same problem may return because it is food or liquid induced.

A 13 year old girl began hallucinating at a girl scout camp she was overcome with fear seeing visions of death and assumed another personality and a name with other supernatural events, One week later in the same tent where she and my niece slept there was 3 girls murdered unsolved to this day. My sister brought her to my house as she was a friend of my niece I told her I wanted to pray for her and she began to scream and another voice came out of her I addressed it by name and reminded it Jesus had defeated Satan I commanded it to come out In Jesus name and leave my home it did both, she gave her heart to Jesus that day and was filled with the Holy Spirit. very short version

A man who tried to commit suicide twice and died once and brought back he lived in a tent in the woods his hair was all matted together, and he was very bound someone went and got him and brought his to service and he had a powerful encounter with Jesus who totally delivered him, today he has had a stable job for many years married and his pastor told me he was the most faithful one in his church.

A woman whose son was in the military claimed to be an atheist and was now an alcoholic she had me to pray over a handkerchief and expect a miracle he was home on leave later she put it in his pillow case then gave testimony he gave his life to Jesus after she had done that, and he was delivered.

One night a man who claimed to be a Satanist priest came to our service, during the worship the presence of God was so strong that I could not stand under the power of God and laid in the floor, when I came to myself I saw the church worshiping and dancing the Satanist was worshiping Jesus with everyone else with his hands raised something happened to him.

A drug dealer called me one morning and said God had been talking to him and that he had a demon and God said I knew how to get it out, I told him you and your wife be in the service tomorrow and come up after I preach and I will pray for you when they came forward God saved and delivered them after a mild confrontation with the spirit in him.

A young girl who was legally blind with very thick glasses came forward received ministry showed no emotion walked back to her seat took her glasses off and began to cry as she could read her bible without her glasses.

My Supernatural Life In Ministry

Acts 1:1 The first account I composed, Theophilus, about all that Jesus began to do and teach, until the day when He was taken up to heaven, after He had by the Holy Spirit given orders to the apostles whom He had chosen.

“Lady Comes out of Wheel Chair”

A lady who was run over with a car by her ex husband was left in a wheel chair for 3 years, She while in pain rode in the back seat to come to our meeting 4 hours away in North Battleford, Saskatchewan Canada during the ministry time I saw a vision of her reaching up and touching a sheet over her head, and she was healed, then instructed the ushers to place my coat over her head she reached up and touched it when she did the power of God went through her and she came up out of the wheelchair her and I ran around the building together as she walked up a flight of stairs healed rejoicing and she has been in our meetings since that time healed..

A woman visited a witch to cast a spell on her boyfriend’s mother while there an evil spirit went into her she came through the prayer line later and before she got to me she was thrown to the floor by that spirit then Jesus set her free, we went and ate with the family as they celebrated her new freedom. 🙂

I once watched a man bring his offering forward when he placed it on the platform his blind eye opened, it went blind when he was a child through an accident. Praise God Jesus the healer

A demonized man came walking in the back of a church yelling and screaming, I was in the middle of an important message to the preachers who was there then the voice of the Lord came out of me and I spoke to him shut your mouth now and don’t say a word till i’m finished he fell to the floor and was silent until I was done then hecontinued where he left off.

I was once attacked while ministering by a man who wanted to kill me in his own words, He didn’t remember it happening all he could recall was he couldn’t take his eyes off of me and then a light came out of the sky and went through him. For 24 years he lived in fear slept with his light on and would walk around his trailer with his gun before sleep, but that night and afterwards he could sleep in peace.

I have seen numerous people instantly healed of knee feet and back problems verifiable a year later some needed knee replacement but a creative miracle fixed it. To God be all the glory.

A young man who burned out his mind on drugs was unable to carry on a conversation would sit in the floor during ministry and was unreachable he was totally healed after a prophetic word to his dad he called me pastor the same day and played drums like a professional.

A man who was totally blind was instantly healed then gave his heart to Jesus, He came to the same place everyday for a year he had been praying for God to send somebody by to pray for him when we spoke to his eyes to see he was healed he got so excited as he begin to cry out I can see this and I can see that.

I know of at least 4 people who have given testimony of being healed of Hepatitis-C in different locations all verified through testing.

A man was healed instantly of Hepatitis-C after the Lord revealed he had a blood condition then after 2 test the blood count went from many millions to 0.

I ministered on planting a garden (giving out of what we have into our world) while preaching I put money in the garden which was a square spot on the floor others also joined in, the next morning when I came back to the building God’s presence was manifested in this one spot that I had called a garden that whoever stepped into the garden was overcome by His Glory.

I called a man out to minister to him and in the course of the prophesy I put 40 dollars in his hands then he gave testimony he had lost his job his wife just had a baby and he had 3 dollars for milk. God spoke to him to give it in the offering and trust him he did it and the Lord gave him 40.00 that night and also the Lord gave him a job that week.

A woman who was mute “unable to speak” came for prayer the Lord said to me you will have to cast it out I commanded it to come out in Jesus name she hit the floor and within 5 minutes she was speaking normal.

A woman who was dying of cancer had just left the hospital and they brought her straight to our meeting, In that service the Lord healed her all pain left and the cancer went with it.

A young woman in her late 20’s had been diagnosed with cancer it was confirmed and she was suppose to start treatments, but Jesus healed her she never needed it because the cancer was gone.

I was taken in a vision to Africa i walked down a dirt road with someone who I didn’t know we walked into a little house I saw a young man I had never seen before and I ministered to him prophetically then the vision ended i was on my face praying, and the Lord spoke to me and said you will be going to Africa.. 3 weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Northern Nigeria with a picture paper clipped it was the man I had seen in the vision the letter was saying God said your heart had been prepared to come to Africa 9 months later myself and 3 others went to the Islamic zoned area in the North we found out they had been killing all missionaries that came there we did get harrassed, but God protected us we were there for 16 days, They said during one 6 night crusade and we have no way to verify it that 4500 gave their heart to Jesus 2800 testified to being healed by the power of God we were able to buy land and pay for a building to hold 2000 people . this is a very short version

A man came up for prayer he was blind in one eye he went back to his seat unchanged,but that night while laying in bed he said it was like someone put drops in that eye and it opened he could see his wife who was a Muslim she gave her heart to Jesus.

One day while praying the Lord spoke to me go to a pawn shop I didn’t know what for I walked in and out and went and sit in my car not knowing what to do I watched a young lady go in then back out, The Spirit said run to her and give her this message God wants you to know He is the one who meets your need and you do not have to fear and then i put money in her hands she began to weep. He knows what your going through you can trust Him.

One of my greatest joys in ministry has been giving money away during the prophetic flow seeing exact needs met to the penny some times by revelation or prophetically putting it on the floor and not knowing what or who God would use it for.

One night while preaching in I was caught up in the spirit and have no recollection of the message I was caught up in another realm I cannot explain, but the people were blessed. Another night I was concerned no one was listening to me then afterwards the pastor told me while I was preaching I was covered in gold I had no idea, but they all saw it afterwards i drove stopped at a hotel randomly and when I got to my room the clerk called me and said he did not want to take my money it was on them.

A woman who had a stroke was paralysed on one side she had to be helped into church but after ministry she danced all over the church came back the next night testifying to the power of God.

A woman who was convinced God did not love her and had a severe back condition and was waiting surgery she allowed me to lay hands on her in faith only because she loved and respected me immediately she was healed never needed surgery and then she knew He did love her after all.

A man had to be carried into service because of a stroke The next morning he came back to service walking with no need of assistance.

Social Media And The Church?

#17–Social media is changing everything around us including the church, people put everything up here we are now by design monitored at the will of those who desire to monitor us. The question is should the church have counseling and recovery ministry for online and Facebook addictions seeing it is the cause of great blessing and or great pain.



  • Jim Taylor Yes. Sign me up. But make sure I have time to post updates about the counseling

  • David R Huskins I wasn’t addicted till these questions started…will you pay for my counseling?

  • David R Huskins I think for me one thing I have been personally dealt with is to ONLY USE social media for what is good and uplifting. But to the question I understand there are several ministries that do indeed offer counseling and recovery for FB addictions and even if not addicted it does behoove us all from time to time to remember to take a break from computer and cyber world and live some time in the human world.

  • Jim Taylor We have those imposed upon us David … by power outages .. the internet crashing and not working for several days … it’s good for us.

  • Amanda Garner I honesty think addiction to anything is only a symptom of a deeper issue. I have personally unfriended and lost respect for ministry who blasted my newsfeed and personal page with unwelcome political mess. Someone please teach the generations before mine how to use social media. lol

  • Shannon Galon Totally with Bishop David R Huskins on this one…. These questions could turn us into junkies!!