Sign’s Of Being Spiritual

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to restore someone who is fallen while understanding we could fall ourselves.

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to scrutinize all things without scrutinizing people.

A sign of being spiritual is not allowing ourselves to be interrogated with religious accusations and human reasonings.

A sign of being spiritual is not having to flaunt it nor having to convince anyone you are right even when shown you are.

A sign of being spiritual is avoiding strife at all cost and refusing to be divisive even when everyone else is.

A sign of being spiritual is exhibiting maturity without making others feel stupid or insignificant.

A sign of being spiritual is creating peace while others are in confusion and have no direction.

A spiritual person is not afraid to touch the untouchable and will go places where the weak and religious fear to go.

A spiritual person will not be drawn in to foolish questions that only breed doubt and distractions from real issues.

A sign of being spiritual is being able to rest in the time of storm, with eyes to see what others are blinded to.

A spiritual person knows the value of words–when to be silent and how to make each word count.

A sign of being spiritual is knowing your identity in Christ while being aware of your weakness and not under estimating it.

A spiritual person exhibits maturity, loves wisdom, lives in joy, and understands that strength is found outside of one’s own humanity.

A sign of being spiritual is being linked with the Holy Spirit as A Son, A Servant, A King and A Person–Eagle, Ox, Lion and a Man

Scott Stimson Sr

It Is Not -It Is

In our spiritual walk with God, we go through a process of elimination. We find out what is not and what is.


It is not in religion———-It is in relationship.

It is not in dogmas————It is sound doctrine.

Its not in a message———It is in a person.

It is not in a sermon———-It is in a life.

It is not in a truth——–It is in the truth.

It is not in a building——–It is in a people.

It is not in a great escape—-It is in a great takeover.

It is not in good singing——It is in praise and worship.

It is not in tradition———It is in vision.

It is not in preaching———It is in impartation.

It is not in rituals & ceremony—It is in the joy of life.

It is not in how many———-It is in how much.

It is not in race or gender—-It is in whosoever will.

It is not in going to church—It is that we are the church.

It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom

It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart

It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom

It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart.

It is not trying to build—–It is manifesting a reality.

It is not about doing————It is about being.

It is not in a title——–It is in humility.

It is not in bondage———–It is in liberty.

It is not in the approval of men————It is in the pleasure of the Lord.

It is not about us———–It is about Him.

It is not what we do for God———-It is about what He will do through us.

It is not about making our point——– it is about touching somebody with the Love of Jesus.

It is not what the devil is doing———–It is what Jesus has already done.

It is not about sin———-It is about the cross the cure


Scott Stimson Sr.

Marks of Maturity


Maturity: The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.


M–Management—-As we grow we come to manage our time, tongue, talent and treasure the result of this is peace productivity and power.


A–Accountable—-As we grow we discover both the freedom and the need of being accountable to others especially those in whom we have covenant relationship .


T–Trusting—-but  not ignoring discernment in trusting people as we grow we find a liberty to trust instead of being skeptical or critical we trust in God’s ability to keep us.


“The best way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him” stated by Henry L. Stimson Secretary of War ’1940-1945′ and then a more famous modern quote,an old Russian proverb” TRUST but VERIFY” stated by President Ronald Reagan on Dec 4th 1987.


U–Unity—As we grow we work for unity among others recognizing that they have a place as we do. We will not be thinking that unity means I have the pre-eminence, but living by the principle” if they will not let us in their circle we will draw a bigger circle and include them anyway.”


R–Rest—As we grow we learn to do everything from a posture of rest we no longer allow things or people to cause us to panic we save our nerves for a real emergency and live by the principle of “NO SWEAT.” Not meaning a lack of work…, just meaning rest instead of fear”.


I–Identify—-As we grow we come to identify with others in their need; weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice also identifying with God in His provision and character.

T–Teachable—A wise man will listen and increase in learning and a man of understanding will attain unto wise council; as we grow we realize how much we don’t know, and how much we need others to teach us.


Y–Yielding—As we grow we no longer need to have our way all the time,we understand the joy of yielding our desires to bless and help other people.


Scott Stimson Sr.

Transitioning Into A New Day

It is a new day of rest from our own labors it is the sabbath of Sabbaths the day of the Lord and a day where there is no more struggle or mixture it is a day to be entered into now by faith.

  Here are some examples and changes that we will experience as we move from an old covenant mixture into a new covenant reality.

 Old Covenant                                             New Covenant

  It was about us ————  It is about Him.

  If I will He will— Jesus is the eternal I will

  About our obedience————————About our union with Him

  Still hungry————Satisfied  in Him


  futuristic——————It is finished

  Looking for revival——We are the revival


  Knocking——————— An open door

  He revives us——————We are raised up to live in His sight.

  Believing God————— Knowing God

  Lukewarm— Embracing the fire God Himself

  Wowed by signs and wonders————We are the sign and the wonder

  Trying to get the church perfected———-To manifesting the perfect one

Going through the fire- Becoming the fire

  From being the victim— Being the Victor

  From process——————To Provision

From seeking the kingdom—To seeing the kingdom

From celebrity ministries——-To the glorious body of Christ.

From just attending church——————————-To understand we are the church for the purpose of the kingdom of God.

Scott Stimson Sr.

Knowing Him In Creation And Redemption

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, Eccl.12:1 a

We have been created by our creator to be decisive and rule, if we refuse to decide our life other people or circumstances will decide it for us. God has decided to let us decide, for me I decide to accept nothing less than His fullness.

Job 22:28 says you will decide a matter and it will be confirmed and light shall shine on your ways.

There are two primary ways of viewing God!

#1–His person revealed through grace and truth in Jesus Christ.  Before Jesus no one had ever seen God Moses saw his back parts meaning he saw before the cross because he was the mediator of the law, but as John 1:18 NLT No one has ever seen God. But the unique One, who is himself God, is near to the Father’s heart. He has revealed God to us.

That being Jesus who was full of grace and truth simply put if you have not seen God in grace and truth which is how Jesus revealed Him you haven’t seen him at all only his acts or his ways but not Him.

#2– His laws or principles of creation.

The church has better known His person, but the world has better known His laws of creation.

Jesus said: Mt 5:45—That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

Lu 16:8–And the Lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

The laws of creation work for everybody they are natural laws, gravity, sowing and reaping, financial laws, physical laws, laws of association, and laws of attraction etc.etc.

 The person of redemption (Jesus) is known by grace through faith by the Holy Spirit He writes His laws of redemption in our heart and our mind.

We can know the person of redemption yet ignore the natural laws of creation and wonder why God allows us to suffer or refuses to answer are problem, but often times it is because we violate natural laws that He put in place at creation that work for everybody always.

On the other hand we may know the laws of creation, but still be unfulfilled in our heart because we do not know the person of redemption “Jesus”

May we come to know Him both as creator in natural laws and redeemer in spiritual laws both heaven and earth.

Scott Stimson Sr.

How Do We Make Changes?

Romans 12:2  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Notice in this verse do not and be, the do not has to do with our resistance to the way the world thinks, but our be is to yield to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly we cannot properly discern the stages of His will until ours minds have went through the process from a worm to a butterfly (metamorphosis or  transformation) into the intimate knowing of who we are In Christ Jesus.

While God can’t and will not change we will change as we awaken to who we are as sons of God this is our true identity, and then we will find that he makes changes that we through our own will power could never do.

7 areas of change

If we are growing as a person then we are changing

(1) Our minds— we can always improve our thinking by increasing our knowledge wisdom and understanding both spiritually and naturally, most of the time we fill our minds with junk food this causes us to be sick and discouraged.

The world programs us to sleep in order to accomplish it’s will by controlling our minds through TV movies news media, entertainment, religion, sports etc.etc.  we are brain washed to be numb to reality.

(2)  Our environment—light removes darkness, life swallows up death, pull the curtains back from our soul let light shine in, and surround yourself with peace, joy and a people of a healthy influence.

If we tolerate death and darkness in our surroundings we will have the fruit of death and darkness in our lives.

(3) Our Garments— garments speaks of vision and effort both mentally and emotionally take off self effort, anxiety, codependency and worry.

I found in the church through continued abuse of authority and submission that people become codependent on their leaders to the point they can’t really function without their leaders approval,

it is kind of like spiritual communism with the pastor being a mini dictator, but that is abuse no matter how you slice it, people need to be free to discover their own potential, and not be a slave of a system that lifts up one by putting down another, lets put on the Lord Jesus Christ and his perfect rest.

(4) Seasons– this comes with the understanding of our times, and relationships–ploughing, planting, waiting, nurturing, and harvest if you are in a divine season don’t try to rush it,

if you do you will only frustrate yourself because the season is not going to change because of our impatience.

(5) Geography–most of the time it is our outlook that needs to change not our location, changing locations can be a sign of discontentment Deut. 28:67 says discontentment is a curse under the law, but the good news Jesus took that curse so we can be content and happy.

Changing geography may very well be part of  God’s plan for some and they will not be able to stay in one place forever, consider a soldier, a missionary,the  Apostle Paul for example;

 Even my own life which has been confirmed prophetically many times for years that my home regardless of where my house is located is the body of Christ it is my home, I have had to be mobile flexible and adaptable in order to fulfill that calling.

(6) Plans– plans must be flexible because they are subject to change they are a means to an end not the end, but they are to be guided by integrity and they are to be subject to Godly council.

 Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Pro.19:21

(7) How we see ourselves— most of the time it is in a false identity rooted in Adam who we are after the flesh, not in Christ which is who we are after the spirit.

Experiences and words of others well meaning or not have shaped how we see ourselves, in this case we need to exchange, vanity for glory, our own way for his way, religion for relationship and remove all the excuses why it cannot be done.

Scott Stimson Sr.

How To Discern A Seducing Spirit

Oh, foolish Galatians! “Who has cast an evil spell on you”? For the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to you as if you had seen a picture of his death on the cross. Gal.3:1 NLT

It always amazes me and I have experienced it personally the soul can be taken over by a seducing spirit either in a twisted relational way or in a religious way.

A seducing spirit may come through an individual or a group male or female It is not always sexual but mostly greedy It can be religious very dangerous and should be recognized, exposed and then shunned.

Definitions= Something that attracts, especially with the (promise) of pleasure or reward

Seduction is frequently used more broadly as a synonym for the act of charming someone–male or female–by an appeal to the senses
It needs us to listen to it.

Nehemiah in scripture refused to talk with his enemies because their approach was to seduce him to stop his work.

7 ways to recognize a Seducing Spirit / Anyone of these things or all of them

(1) It is flattery combined with a measure of charm, arrogance and charisma…which makes for a dangerous recipe.

In Prov. 7, the harlot had most of the ingredients of the anointing spices, with flattery and talk, she seduced a young man with no understanding.

(2) It will not take “no” for an answer and it will be persistent much like Potiphar’s wife, she pursued Joseph daily then turned on him when she could not get him to turn to her (Gen.39) so is the way of this spirit if it cannot get you to submit it will turn on you.

(3) It will choose to manipulate you or may turn to others to do it for them rather than to cooperate and communicate in an open manner It will attempt to isolate you from others you love in order to control you.

(4) It brings pressure to get you to violate your conscience or to break down your principles.

(5) It will focus on your weaknesses and then play upon them it wants to have power over you.

(6) It has the ability through our blind spots or hurts to cast a spell upon us–to send us into confusion and disillusionment.

(7) It is self absorbed and proud though it may appear humble It is very insecure yet may appear confident It is a taker but may appear to be a giver.


Scott Stimson Sr.

I Found What I Needed In You (lyrics to song I wrote)

I Found What I Needed In You

*This has a little bit of a Blues sound


I Found What I Needed In You!!

Verse-When I saw your face I knew you were grace and I found what I needed in you.

your beauty brought me sight and in your smile was pure light I found what I needed in you.

Verse–When I looked in your eyes you removed all the lies and I found what I wanted in you.

as I walked through your door my hope was restored and I found what i needed in you.


I found what I needed in you,I found what I wanted in you, I found who I am in you.


When I first heard your voice I knew I was your choice and I saw where I come from in you

The glory of your love brought me faith from above and I found what i needed in you.



Old time religion couldn’t fill it and the world they could never sell it but I found what I needed in you.

(c) written by H.Scott Stimson Sr. May 6th 2010

Prophetic Word For The Future part 2

I am coming in a way that i was not expected and the wise among you will not recognize the form in which I will appear, there are those who have faithfully kept my word and walked in purity of heart that I will reveal myself in and they shall come out of no where with fire in their bones they shall speak truth that shall pull back the deceitfulness of men’s hearts and I will be glorified says the Lord.

 Speak out against the corruption in high places but speak as one with a voice of mercy for those who have been held captive by her shame.

There will be those whose foundation will be shook as they wonder and question why did not the Lord protect it, and there will be those who have blessed me for their prosperity who will curse me because of their anguish of soul but I will remain faithful.

There are those who have trusted in the sight of their eyes and have look to their political and religious leaders to deliver them and to give them answers but the day will come when men will once again break down those images and come to me with a pure heart for I alone am the one to deliver.

I have been waiting in line I have been on the outside of my own house my spirit grieves while my wife dances with demons this is the hour I will appear to bring her to my heart and rescue her from her deception and all will know that you are mine says the Lord.

Many have cried unto me as they have been buried in information from those who don’t know me even my own have been wrapped in the grave clothes of ancient spirits who have placed themselves in authority over nations and kingdoms and people they have controlled the nations that men have bowed down to and trusted in their strength rather than in mine, but I am God and I will show myself strong.

There will be a shaking in the high places of government and that which has been called free will no longer be called free, but my people will shine bright in strength they shall do great wonders and miracles.

Those who have trusted in their own riches and the riches of others will be disappointed in the god of mammon there will come in this day men who have longed to be wealthy who shall abandon their wealth and walk away from it in disgust shaking their hands saying we will have it no more.

I will remove the sorcery from the land and those who have used it to rule the world there will be those who will bring their drugs and their incantations in large number shall they come into the streets of their cities and burn them in large piles as they celebrate my liberty that I have given them.

There will be those who have judged and stood as a god who will be humbled before all, this is not a day to hold men’s person in admiration lest you be deceived, but when I appear I will be the admiration that cannot be turned away from for I am the only true God and my love shall shine brightly throughout the land.

There will be those in large number who gather into stadiums to watch their teams and I will show up among them that the game cannot go on, for my wind will appear in places where I am not welcome and I will not ask for permission to do these things for even in the colleges and universities I will expose the lie as my people shake off the filthy garments that have been placed upon them in my name.

The world and it current control will not stand in this day even as I purify the soul of my church the ancient work and the religious order will crumble as men cry out with great pain as their gods are gone and what they had given and pledged their life for is now forever disappeared.

This is not a time to look to the arm of flesh to deliver you nor is it a time for you to look to your images and old traditions to support you but this is my time and it is high time to awake from the present order of things for my wind shall separate the wheat from the chaff, the precious from the vial and the vanity of men will fade as my beauty does appear within you.

This is a day to rejoice for you that have waited for truth to appear and have not and could not find a way out of your bondage this is a day to be glad for those who have been overcome with sadness and disappointment because of the injustice done by others, this is your time to stand up and proclaim with a loud voice our God reigns.

 Scott Stimson Sr.

Prophetic Word For The Future

There will come a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will sweep away the refuge of lies and bring a release of the power of God that will change the course of history.

Before this happens there will come change in the church especially in the west, there will be a wind that will come from the east and it will come with a mighty force within this wind will come great persecution from unexpected places and people, there will be an alluring of the principalities that have dominated the world and deceived the church.

Where there has been the invasion of new age occult teaching there will be a purging first within the body of Christ and then there will be great deliverance that shall come from the throne of praise, there will be multitudes of  books media materials and philosophies of men that will be burned and discarded there will be great edifices where people have worshipped with a vail over their face that will be abandoned and walked away from, I will change the face of  my own says the Lord and the world will not recognize her from her past.

For those who have been given the secrets of the kingdom and responded to the joyful sound of liberation, your revelation shall be matched by your demonstration there will be those who in chains will come to you to be set free, but many will seek to do you harm but my power shall rise up within to defeat the aggressors you will not gather as you once did for your own pleasure nor will you be fighting with your sword as you now do for you shall know that It is really me and apart from me you can do nothing.

Many in this day will stand in shock and disillusionment as their ministries and kingdoms crumble before their eyes those who have ruled as princes shall find themselves serving and those who have been at the bottom will be at the top for I will bring a shaking in the earth that will shift the axis and create what has not been seen for many generations.

There will come in this time a coming together of my people who leave the old camps of idolatry and return to me with all their heart yet some will say we never left you but they will discover the error of their own ways and my mercy will prevail over the old ancient idols that have defiled the sanctuary of my people.

This shall be a returning to me and to my voice not to the voice of the accuser or old law nor to the voice of the deceiver who says all is well peace party and play. I will move in a way that I will surely be sanctified before my whole house and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of  the Lord and of His Christ and he shall reign.

Scott Stimson Sr.