Why Do Some Ministry Feel They Are Exempt From Getting Into The Trenches Where People Are Hurting?

#8 –Why is it that some leaders/ Pastors feel like they are exempt from getting down in the trenches and visiting the homeless, sick and elderly in nursing homes or cancer hospitals, why do some seem to be untouchable like a celebrity.


  • Kimberly Black ~ Maybe there’s some deception in some parts of the Body.

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  • Steven Moffett SOME DECEPTIONS……

  • Cindy Lou Brown Deceptions at work…

  • Terry Crisp Scott, I believe the answer to that lies in the fact that that’s exactly how many of them see themselves…(as celebrities). I’ve known some who even have their own personal bodyguards, to prevent folks from getting too close to them!

  • I ask myself that all the time!!!!


  • Kimberly Black ~ No, no….Let’s not cast sideways stones. There are different and varying troubles and issues in different parts of the Body….different “tribes”, more than various networks. The Holy Spirit has THE ANSWER to these questions …..Take heed what you hear, and Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I know a Pastor who Is that like, he says hes not a “people person”, I find that funny

  • Roxanne Jess King Worshipping the church leaders has got to end. Jesus spit and made mud in His hand to heal the blind

  • Charles Hodnett If Jesus had armed body guards, a posse and a limo for transport to his next speaking engagement would he have went to the cross? Would he build the kingdom or an empire? Would he wear a pointy hat and have the mere laity kiss his ring? It’s been said that a politician looks only to the next election but a statesman to the next generation, has the ministerial elite become nothing more than politicians? A few questions of my own

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    Jesus Christ our master served his disciples by washing their foot

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  • Tony Pannell Question, Where do we find in the scriptures, the pattern for leadership in the church that we have today? The pastor is the leader in most church’s that we see today. There were Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers who were given for a particular purpose.(more to this scripture) I can’t help wonder how we ended up with the Pastor as the one that most people look to as the leadership in the church. The way we do church services today, is it the way that God has told us to structure and organize or is it what we have been taught by our predecessors or even tradition? Not trying to stir contention or cause problems, just trying to find answers.

  • Jim Taylor Some of the time it is because the “pastor” is trying to fit into a roll defined by the church and has not found his identity in Jesus yet. He’s trying to do the ‘pastoral’ things tradition has identified but does not know his real place in the body or how it flows in the Spirit.

  • Tony Pannell Been enjoying reading your questions and post. Been refreshing. Thanks Scott keep it up.

  • Tony Pannell Confession. Was a time when I thought I had all the answers. Now I think I have more questions than there are answers! lol

  • Tina Warren Because celebrities are worshiped and the riches of the world are thrown at their feet….their hearts list after the world instead of JESUS!!

  • David R Huskins I don’t want to judge why another person does or does not do the things you mentioned as it relates to outreach and the trenches but again just speak for myself…I have found the greatest joy often times in those places where many don’t want to go: prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. when I go I find they often minister to me more than I minister to them. I go because I love people but I also do not want to judge those who don’t go because truthfully maybe some of them are training saints to do the work of the ministry and not just depending on “the leadership” and if so then that can be productive and good. I also don’t want to judge what a minister needs or doesn’t need by way of transportation or protection because I know some who have tremendous hearts for people but because their ministry has grown to a point of public recognition if they were to do all the visitation etc. they would never have a moments rest and because they are recognized their families have come under threat and attack in this modern violent world I don’t blame some for having bodyguards for protection after the events of the Colorado church shooting and


  • David R Huskins and the killing of several of the pastors in our Nigerian churches. I do understand that evil has to sometimes be prepared for and that in some places and situations could require protection. I have been in situations that I think it made sense to have protection.

  • Tina Warren Paul went out and built the church on faith alone…he didn’t have first class places and travel…in most cases he worked at a job so he wouldn’t be a burden on the local body….I love that man as a humble servant of God and can’t wait to meet him one day…

  • David R Huskins and concerning transportation Jesus on the Donkey with his feet on the colt was equivalent to more than a limo. I salute those who are blessed to have great vehicles and for many understand why they need even planes…the question is can you still walk when necessary. For me I have been driven in limos, walked miles, rode horesback, and pushed old cars that couldn’t go but a few miles at a time without breaking down…but the vehicle never made me or changed me…I pray my heart is the same on foot as it is on a plane or limo or horse. Relate to all men everywhere is my aim.

  • Tina Warren Your protection should be the Lord….how many of our fellow christians have NOTHING but belief in Christ and love of God….not armed guards….they are DYING for JESUS!!!!!!!

  • Tina Warren I understand we may need protection by means of weapons but we must remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood

  • David R Huskins a murderer coming into a house with intent to kill even scripturally has the right to be stopped. As recently when a gunman opened fire in a local church wounding three and killing one.

  • Tina Warren True that my brother…I agree…but you armed is one thing…hired guns…well that’s another…I should stand my ground alone…and I do : )

  • David R Huskins I want to be clear that I do have security on the grounds of our church because we have a school and people that have indeed been threatened and attacked in the past because of our willingness to accept all people into our midst so I feel as the leaderresponsible I cannot be on the grounds all the time to “stand ground” for all those children but I do intend to protect them so yes I have hired guns to do the job and unapologetically.

  • Tina Warren I hear that…to but to protect the helpless and vulnerable…but ur man enough to protect YOURSELF : ) that’s what I’m saying…

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  • Tina Warren Many have them to protect themselves and their families….I applaud that u do that for your congregation…right on!!!

  • Becky LeBlanc Roberts I live in a small town and belonged to a local church for several years. I grew spiritually and have many great memories, unfortunately the Pastor and several members of this church have this mentality. One incident in particular; during the evening services we would dim the lights in the sanctuary begin to worship and wait on the Holy Spirit. I loved these services, the presence of The Lord was amazing. One night a young boy walked in the church. He walked straight up to our Pastor and said his Grandpa was blind and couldn’t make it up the stairs but wanted to speak with her. She went outside with the boy, the Grandpa asked for help (money) to buy food, she turned them away because she smelled alcohol on his breath, it broke my heart. After several years of experiencing this elitist mentality and watching the “super” spiritual transformation of this Pastor when we had a guest speaker, I left the church. My take on it is this …..For I say to every man that is among you, through the grace given unto me, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think. Romans 12:3

What About Believers Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

#7 How should the church address drinking alcohol among its leadership and among the congregation should we just say drink responsibly or no alcohol at all as is commonly taught in the southern United States we of course all know there is consequences to our actions but what is your thoughts?


  • Nelson Ford I can not control their mouth or their action so I say pray and let the Lord handle it.


  • Gregg Wilson Consider, in most of these questions, it shouldn’t be about agreeing on a standard, there already is one. It should be about REMOVING the standard of judgment altogether, allowing the Spirit do it’s work, neither giving nor taking offense at anything.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I think In moderation its ok

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli but I really don’t drink anymore myself

  • Kimberly Black ~ Gregg /0/
  • Donald Lyndon Holloway I believe our background of life clouds our view of a alcohol. I seen the “abusive” side of it and how much damage it does in peoples lives, including my mom and dad. I hated the idea of drinking any kind of alcohol! my ex-wife came from a background of not being abusive in their alcohol. It has taken many years for me to realize what this scripture says TO ME concerning alcohol. If we should have some wine or others, as long as it does not cause us to lose control of our selves in ways that are sinful, why should it be forbidden? King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)Mathew 15:11
    Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man

  • Denise Parkison I have enjoyed my moderate drinking today while keeping up on all the questions and answers!
  • Donald Lyndon Holloway I would like to clarify something in my comments above. Even though my ex-wife came from a non abusive alcohol drinking family background, she honored my feelings about no alcohol, all of our married life, even when her conviction was that it is fine in moderation.

  • Bill Benninghoff Jesus drank alcoholic wine and feasted often enough that his critics labeled him a “drunkard and glutton.” (Luke 7:34) The scriptures testify that Jesus lived a sinless life. Paul advises us to practice moderation in our drinking (Ephesians 5:18).

  • Robert Humphrey I think religion has done far more damage than alcohol has ever done. I think that there is a large number of people who drink to deal with the condemnation so called “Christians” have placed on them. And I’m sure some religious person will disagree with me.
  • Jim Taylor It might be good if we could change the impression of the church from being known what it is against to being known what it is for.
  • Robert Humphrey We must come to the place where we can see Light in the darkness and command it to come forth! It might be good to stop commanding or preaching against darkness so much and begin calling forth Light!! John 1:3 seems to say that if a person has life, they have Light! If we are connected to the Spirit , we will see it in them, even with a longneck in their hands…….just sayin

  • David R Huskins go outside the United States into most of the world especially outside of the Bible belt and this is not really an issue. So in many ways to me this is not a church issue but a culture issue. Moderation/self control should be used in everything we do. If one has a instinct toward addiction then one should abstain and none should drink in front of someone offended by it like Paul said concerning meat if you go into the house of one who is opposed to it then don’t eat IN FRONT OF HIM. We should protect our weaker brother from falling but observe our liberty in private or in the company of those who share that liberty.

  • Liz Eversole Stephens I see nothing wrong with alcohol, just don’t make a brother stumble with your own freedom. I feel their is a need to keep a watchful eye upon ourselves making sure we don’t become a slave to it. I rarely drink anything anymore simply because it just makes me feel bad and there was a time it didn’t.

  • Alan Whitaker Jim Taylor said it well above “It might be good if we could change the impression of the church from being known what it is against to being known what it is for.” This applies to the whole spectrum of life. And to clarify this does not mean become a liberal – and this is beyond political view points.

  • Jim Taylor The question faced here is “What do missionaries do with their wine bottles?” Throwing them in the trash – which is picked through daily – only points to missionaries drinking. You can only let them pile up around the house for so long – or so I have heard. There have been some rather interesting innovations …

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  • Clint Smith Those who left the upper room were seen by many as “drunk” and yet still made a tremendous impact for the cause of Christ. Drink or abstain as you will – just make an impact!

What About Profanity In Church And Among her Leaders?

# 6 How will the church deal with her leaders who use profanity like the F word and other foul language among their own, should they be allowed to speak the same behind the pulpit or in the church building or make the people aware that it is okay for anyone to do it and they should feel no shame just be wise as to how they use profanity. There is a lot of people today who think nothing of it what is your thoughts especially to young people its everyday language?


H Scott Stimson My thoughts on this one because I had a law put in my heart by my mother which I appreciate so I can’t talk the way some do with what we in the south call cussing, I have found it is cultural some words started like s.h.i.t. in the moving of fertilizer on ships that they were to ship high in transit. When Peter wanted to convince others he was not with Jesus he started cursing just a thought? My understanding of profanity is speaking words of death not life so if that includes cussing then cussing would be profanity, but i believe there are believers daily who cuss but don’t think they do. For me personally when the Lord delivered me 36 years ago I mysteriously just stopped cussing and never picked it up again. Some times our mouth reveals our attitude and it certainly directs our body “the tongue of the wise is health”. Don’t get legalistic though be bigger than what someone else does or says. it may all come down to respect for a congregation and for myself.

David R Huskins There has obviously become a narrow line in recent years between the sacred and the profane…I think some of the immature language I hear used often and in some cases have even used, has come from the concept of being relevant to the ones we are wanting to reach etc., however, the simple rule should be not is it “cussing, profanity, BIG curse words etc.” but does it edify, exhort, and build up. Some would never use a four letter word but condemn and CURSE people with their message…others may say a four letter word but spend their time in the pulpit building up the saints. I take the approach neither should be celebrated cussing or cursing…and neither should be condemned…God deals with HIS own effectively.

Jim Taylor “cussing” .. the use of expletives .. is often a sign of frustration, anger or rage. These emotions out of control are worse than the words used. They are sometimes a sign of damage that has been done in the person themselves.

“cursing” literally means to pronounce. It is to pronounce evil upon someone or some thing. Jesus cursed the fig tree and it withered and died. When Peter cursed and swore that he did not know Jesus he was pronouncing judgments upon himself to prove that he did not know Jesus. He was lying of course. 

People who would not “cuss” often “curse” … they speak about themselves or others in negative ways that do not produce righteousness, health or blessing.

  • Kimberly Black ~ Ephesians/Colossians easily answer that one.


  • Gregg Wilson speak what the Father speaks and don’t worry


  • Anne Lalonde I do beleive that those behind the pulpit need to be good role models for all people, not just the young folk, and they need to be consistent. Is there such a thing as public and private? God sees our actions at all times- and if its okay for us to swear when He is watching, then why should it matter? The real question should be this- if you were speaking to God Himself, would you speak like that? Is that how God would His representatives to speak? To me, as long as no man of God is insulting His Name or using His name in vain, well, i think the rest is pretty much up to interpretation.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I have noticed lately preachers cussing behind the pulpit, 20 years ago that would have never been the case, It didn’t really bother me much, I have a potty mouth at times myself, Im not proud of it, but I do

     Robert Humphrey There is more profanity being spewed in the pulpit under the disguise of “tough love” and “sound doctrine” that is driving the youth of today away from the church. It’s hard to get upset with the F-bomb when we’re being NUKED in the pulpit. Even the worse sinner in the world knows it is not proper to use profanity. I guess it boils down to what your definition of profanity is. What offends you? Preaching a fear based relationship with God void of GRACE offends me far more than the F-Bomb.

  • Gregg Wilson the pulpit does not divide, neither should speech. There is no place for “put on”, how may any assume to regulate the abundance of the heart

  • Kimberly Black ~ The Word of God comes “from” the pulpit, Gregg…..So, divides. ((((Love you))).

  • Jimmy Huggins Who decides which words are “bad” What matters more is what they say when put together in sentences!
  • Jimmy Huggins My grandmas first name is Fairy, she named her daughter Gay. Now when they received these names they did not mean what they do now
  • Gregg Wilson The Word comes from within, the pulpit is only a device. this is not meant to divide men, but a sounding place, for light alone. No need to speak of Dark, speak life, speak what is. Perhaps this is a part of the puzzle of deception, men looking in the wrong place for the Word. Reflective Perspective
  • Michael Klassen Words come only from the abundance of your heart. Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so speak life and not death, blessing words, not curse words. Also Phil. 4 tell Christians what they can and can’t say.
  • Michael Klassen And if my pastor swore while preaching that would be the last sermon I would allow him to speak over me..
  • Kimberly Black ~ Then Michael is taking heed what he hears, and guarding his heart…..the RESPONSIBILITY IS ON HIM……That’s right.
  • Gregg Wilson and so we see, how it is…..no word is over another word, nor man over another man. We either take a drink or complain about the water. One Man One word, One mind, folks, love believes all things and is not offended, nor holds any record of wrongs, nor is touchy. Love is, and where it is not, authority resides not, as well. Love is every place, not all see or hear, yet. And won’t until we release one another.
  • Kimberly Black ~ Good, then we’re agreed and can walk together. Knowing nothing ‘cept Christ and Him crucified…..Christ, and HIS LIFE IN US is the ONLY Life-flowing, Life-giving Issue. /0/Focus
  • H Scott Stimson Well on this I have the law of my Momma written in my heart that says if you talk that way I’m not going to be happy with you I will love you but not be happy about it. these are questions that arise not all from me.
  • Michael Klassen Gregg, don’t know you but if I understand what you saying I have to disagree. Words are very important. There are words that are better than others. Word indicate what is inside a person. And words create or destroy. I currently have a lucrative contract sitting in my email inbox. If I had used the “wrong” words the contract would be elsewhere. So not really sure what you meant. I did like your 1st Corinthians reference and I take no offense, I just won’t agree to have a Christian leader over me or kids who uses words I believe are curses. The Bible is the final authority and says not to let unwholesome words come out of our mouths and how can fresh water spring produce salt water?
  • Gregg Wilson You speak of language, My mention was “word” of which you and I are
  • Michael Klassen Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Kimberly Black ~ I agree with your Mom, Scott, as usual. How many people have these questions, I don’t care, because the Word of God has answered them…..Let every man work out HIS OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling.
  • Amanda Garner I am personally not offended by profanity when used in moderation. I agree with another poster about there being no difference between public and private, I do feel that there is a time and place for it if one chooses to use it. I suppose I’m one of the “young people” you’re referring to who has never really paid it much attention.. I do think that there are much worse things that come out of peoples mouths than a few cuss words.
  • Jim Lacy Out of the abundance of one’s heart shall he speak.
  • Mike Rush To paraphrase Jim, I believe that what comes out of the mouth is a true reflection of the heart.
  • Jim Lacy To answer the question Scott asked: I think he/she should be asked why that language would seem appropriate and wide in any venue. It seems a matter of maturity.
  • Mike Rush James chapter 3 speaks of the power of the tongue. Personally, when I am around Christian people, their powerful testimony can be ruined by their tongue. Verse 2 speaks of the maturity Jim mentioned.
  • H Scott Stimson Thanks Bishop
  • Jim Taylor I love that post by David R Huskins – there’s a lot people who could never say “sh_t” out loud but they sure don’t mind gossiping or using the Lord’s name on a vision of their own.
  • Kimberly King Slang in the pulpit! Wow Can’t see it.
  • Liz Eversole Stephens When lead by the spirit especially behind the pulpit, God’s voice is holy and precious even through correction.
  • Jim Taylor Where did the “pulpit” come from? Who introduced it and made it sacred? Why would standing behind some man-made object make what someone says more important than if they were shoveling dirt while talking?
  • H Scott Stimson Jim here is a thought the word for tower as in the tower of Babel Gen.11:5 is the same word translated pulpit in KJV Ezra 8:4 that is where the word came from. Selah I ain’t saying no more on this one a tower..
  • Annette Milne Years ago I found myself getting caught up in the snare of “foul language” in the workplace and I prayed for God to help me – He moved me on without any of my revelation to them of my discomfort of their language issues to my well being. My mind is b…See More
  • Clint Smith I have been much more often offended by the ideas offered from the pulpit than I have by the words chosen to communicate them. I go back to my comment on #2 regarding effectiveness. If a person’s ministry is bringing others to a relationship with Christ, leave ’em be!

How Will The Church Reconcile Revelation With Demonstration?

#5 — How will the church address the great gulf between what we preach in revelation and what we actually see in demonstration. The difference between our position and experience, our seated place and our walking place to where it is clear and understandable with power?


  • David R Huskins hmmm I love this question. I would hope that the more we actually experience the less there would be a gulf…I think the gulf comes from revelation without experience. I do know for me PRESENCE settles most issues and makes it clear so I always say is there presence on it. wow what a great question.


  • Dwight Spratley I consider it a privilege to be alive during this era to watch and participate in the narrowing of the distance between heaven and earth.


  • Steven Moffett While we are discussing eschatology, church government and other topics that are bent on establishing the focus and energy of the Church I think this SHOULD be our first OBJECTIVE. How can we blend the two dimensions of what’s heard vs. what’s needed!

  • Clint Smith One way to narrow the gulf is to only preach “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched–this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.”

  • Gregg Wilson The body needs see, even with their ears, but especially with their eyes. Too much, do as I say, coming from leadership. Instruction is shown, not told.

How will the church answer for its false predictions on the end times?

#3–How will the church answer the world for its own false predictions on the end times will they still be given a major platform or will they be held accountable for what they say publicly or will they still be given a TV platform and We also  forget that anything was ever said in the mean time the church becomes more of a mockery by much of the entertainment industry and we continue to support and idolize them??


  • Charles Hodnett Double like! Scott, I always enjoy reading your posts, and would encourage you to continue. I believe that you can in fact gather intel and present it without being an alarmist. In order to mount an effective countermeasure, there needs to first be an honest assessment of where we are..

  • Cindye Coates · 

    Well…. I have MUCH to say about this!  …. Christians should STOP SENDING MONEY to TV networks who continue to “AIR” these false prophets!! When the money stops coming in.. they will listen to us… As long as they have “monthly partners”… They will have “daily delusional doctrines of deception” and we as a whole will lose credibility…. We MUST stop this immediately…


  • David R Huskins I assume those who believe the predictions will continue to justify them and those who don’t will continue to nullify and even villify them but hopefully we will focus on what is fulfilled and live from that and not get distracted by believing false predictions or fighting them…I hope my response is to quit caring too much about what the “predictors are saying” and also quit caring too much about what the entertainment industry is doing so that both lose their undue influence over good people.
  • Charles Hodnett As long as I have a tv remote I have the power to choose…
  • David R Huskins T L Osborn said here once something I cling to in these discussions “when we focus on the false we take away from the true. Focus on the true and the false will be seen in time for what they are.” that is true of gods, idols, and predictions.
  • H Scott Stimson Just a thought the same rain that ripens the wheat ripens the tares Jesus said (let them grow) even though son’s can discern bastard wheat from the real we must let them grow and not try to remove the tares lest we also get some wheat, how we know the difference is tares darken on top standing erect arrogant refusing to bow to the wind while the wheat is golden and bows at the slightest breeze. There is appointed season heavenly messengers who will remove the wheat from the tares.
  •  Clint Smith I will admit that I thought more problems would arise around the 12/21/12 event simply due to self-fulfilling prophecies. I am glad it was a non-event for the most part. One aspect that I see time and time again is the propagation of the idea by the church that bad things are in our future. This clearly takes away from the fullness of the glory we live in on this side of the cross. When we preach the finished work of Jesus Christ, there is no future event that will add to or take away from the salvation that is ours today!

What About The Poor And The Extravagant Ministries?

#1 –How will the church handle the poor in 2013 even our own membership? will we continue to live extravagantly while the single mother can’t even pay her utilities or will we begin to turn and take our offerings and bless people instead of more construction companies, merchants, consultants and marketing companies?

Answers-David R Huskins One of the greatest things we have done in Cedartown lately is when we paid off the debt of the church we then took what we were paying monthly on debt and have started the second Sunday of each month using that same payment to start paying off the debts and needs of those in the body and it has been such a blessing to watch the debts of people disappear especially those who could have never made it alone. It is not the whole solution but has been a great start for us.

David R Huskins we have now had 6 months of it and it is a joy each second Sunday to behold…I look forward to functioning off of one or two of the Sunday offerings and giving two or three of them to paying for peoples needs in the body…but at least it is a start…not enough but a start. Your questions are thought provoking and I was thinking that one of the biggest questions for me is are there any “we” who can answer the questions posed to THE CHURCH when there is such division and disagreement on who “the church” is in most circles. So I have chosen to answer your questions I have seen thus far as how will I address those things rather than how the church will because I think history and experience tells me the response within the church community will be as varied as political parties…but I love the thought provokingness of the questions and intend to try to answer each of them with what is my response to be and how would father have me answer each one.

H Scott Stimson I personally many years ago started giving to the congregation by calling them out prophetically and then putting money into their hands 20s, 50’s,100’s even a 1000 all through prophetic demonstration my vision is to some day be able to pay off someones mortgage buy them a new car someone I don’t know, but all by the Spirit.


  • Traci Thompson Lucas Amen. I long for the day we are truly all sons and exuding pure religion. Pure and undefined, taking care of the orphans and widows. God bless the orphans, oh that shakes me to my very core!
  • Traci Thompson Lucas Undefiled not undefined, i meant. autocorrect is not in tune with the word obviously. Lol
  • Kathy Tanner I believe the church needs to take her rightful place and Sons of God take their rightful place in the earth. Where are we when people are hungry naked and need shelter or anything else my God the world turns out in droves when there is a disaster so come on church
  • Todd Weber thank you for posting this one Scott…Acts 2 40-47, Acts 4 32-37
  • Stephanie King My favorite question and an issue The Lord has given me an assignment to bring attention to. The churches have become so far removed from the ministry of Jesus and that is where the true problem lies. So much waste on extravagant decorations, Starbucks and muffins for members (who by the way aren’t the ones who need food for the day) and lush traveling accommodations for Pastors…lets not even talk about the $40,000 in church funds used to pay prominent Pastors a speaking fee. Now all of that money could have been used to go out into the community and feed, clothe and help those in need. THAT is what Jesus would have done. And it is not just the “church” building per say that has this problem. As everyday Christians we too have forgotten to live like Christ and be good stewards with the money GOD gives us to bless others. Every single one of us are supposed to care for the poor, widow and orphaned. WE ARE the church,…even when we leave that building on Sunday. Would love to have you all join us in the Be a Blessing challenge
  • Tina Warren Thank you brother!!! True words….I love it!!!!! When I was looking for a job and had lost my home my pastors took me and my daughter in for a time to get apps out and hooked me up with a wonderful lady who took a chance on me and rented us a place : )
  • Clint Smith I believe we have an opportunity here in the USA to change the way many think about the poverty. First, let me say that in my opinion national or corporate poverty is a bigger issue than individual poverty. Jesus said some thought they had become wealthy and had need of nothing and did not even know that they themselves were wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. The poverty Jesus was speaking about was due to a deficit of relationship with, faith in and dependency upon Him. I think we suffer this kind of poverty in the USA on a national level and many congregations do so corporately as well. In terms of the widows, orphans and downcast, I do see many in the church (and out of the “church”) who are quick to lend a hand – usually it is those who have realized the personal satisfaction that comes with it. However, I would encourage those of the church whenever we do reach out to others, to do so in the name of love or in the name of Jesus rather than in the name of “XYZ Ministries”. Let our charity toward others testify of Christ’s love and charity toward us and not be a tool to market our doctrines, our “church” or our way of life. Many times the decision to build a bigger building or add another program is justified, in our minds, because it will cause our “impact” to become more widespread, so we say the end justifies the means – but it usually doesn’t. Jesus’ love is simple, powerful and direct – it does not require a 10 year strategy to implement.

10 Facts About Christmas

1–Christmas Facts: the “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Χριστός, translated as “Christ”.
There is a common misconception that the word Xmas stems from a secular attempt to remove the religious tradition from Christmas by taking the “Christ” out of “Christmas”

2–Christmas Fact #2 please don’t get mad just in fun no legalism here. 🙂 There is no mention in scripture about 3 wise men there could have been 300 and when they finally found Jesus he was a toddler around 2 years old so much for the traditional nativity scene.

3–Christmas Fact #3 December 25th would not be Jesus real birthday more like around the 29th of Sept. The Shepherds still kept their flock by night and it was during the time of taxation. Don’t get mad no legalism here. : )

4–Christmas Fact #4 There were actually 12 days originally called the feast of Saturnalia (worship of the sun god) then it was changed by Constantine the Roman emperor in his attempt to make everything christian into the Mass of Christ the birthday of Jesus. don’t get mad now just a bit of history:)

5–Christmas Fact #5 Make the most of this season enjoy it give to those in need, be sensitive to the hurting, let others know about the unconditional incredible love of Jesus, and may all make room for Him as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords peace for all men.

6–Christmas Fact #6 Mary was in her mid-teens a virgin meaning she never had sex then she conceived of the Holy Spirit so she supplied the egg, but the seed came from God, that is why Jesus blood is pure and holy it was God’s blood.

7–Christmas fact #7 The first ones to hear the Angels sing and know that a change had come was the shepherds keeping their flock in the night..think about that a little a real shepherd always sees him first.

8–Christmas Fact # 8 No one should be manipulated or have stress put on them to perform financially or otherwise because of this season, a market driven society will always use whatever to make a sell this season is their biggest time of year, so be transparent if you can’t you can’t.

9–Christmas Fact #9 When John the baptist was born God named him not after Zachariah “God remembers” or Elizabeth “God is my oath” but John meaning God is gracious, saying God’s grace not logic is what prepares the way for the coming of the Christ.

10–Christmas fact #10 In reality Jesus was never in Christmas so we can’t keep him in it, but he is in you, He is in love, in giving, in family, in joy and in the smiles of little children and with those who are broken and lonely He is everything we really want Christmas to be and why so many love this season.

Scott Stimson Sr.

Removing Mental Barriers

Eph.4:23-And be renewed in the spirit (attitude) of your mind;

It is one thing to have our mind renewed and another thing to have the spirit of our mind renewed the source of our thoughts and belief system.

1– Live out of your potential because there we are empowered by the life of God most people find themselves living out of negative self -opinion based on past experiences, hurts, abuses, failures and as a result of this unconsciously self sabotage.

2–Eliminate excuses for not being more productive, excuses blind us from finding solutions to problems, shut off our creativity, and are normally nothing more than a lack of desire.

(3)–Build a positive orderly environment take one step to an ordered life every day, identify the things that intimidate us from being organized while at the same time remove clutter from your life.

(4)— Control what you eat spiritually mentally and physically, It is true we are what we eat our eating can effect everything so shut the doors of abusive foods that cause us to feel sluggish and irritable, in all areas create a habit of eating healthy.

(5)—Make your closest friends the people who inspire you and challenge you to live out of your potential,  the law of association says walk with the wise and you will be wise, but if you walk with the foolish you will be destroyed by that foolishness.

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.Pro.13:20

(6)—Thankfulness is the cure for negativity give thanks “in” everything!  We can train our self to see the good and the positive things in life and our thoughts will be focused on the greater truth’s of light life and divine solutions then we will be filled with understanding in all things.

(7)– Decide to live in excellence instead of mediocrity this will release the grace of God to destroy mental barriers that keep us from fulfilling divine purpose.

God sees and speaks to our potential that is the Christ within us not to our self opinion.

Scott Stimson Sr.

Sign’s Of Being Spiritual

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to restore someone who is fallen while understanding we could fall ourselves.

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to scrutinize all things without scrutinizing people.

A sign of being spiritual is not allowing ourselves to be interrogated with religious accusations and human reasonings.

A sign of being spiritual is not having to flaunt it nor having to convince anyone you are right even when shown you are.

A sign of being spiritual is avoiding strife at all cost and refusing to be divisive even when everyone else is.

A sign of being spiritual is exhibiting maturity without making others feel stupid or insignificant.

A sign of being spiritual is creating peace while others are in confusion and have no direction.

A spiritual person is not afraid to touch the untouchable and will go places where the weak and religious fear to go.

A spiritual person will not be drawn in to foolish questions that only breed doubt and distractions from real issues.

A sign of being spiritual is being able to rest in the time of storm, with eyes to see what others are blinded to.

A spiritual person knows the value of words–when to be silent and how to make each word count.

A sign of being spiritual is knowing your identity in Christ while being aware of your weakness and not under estimating it.

A spiritual person exhibits maturity, loves wisdom, lives in joy, and understands that strength is found outside of one’s own humanity.

A sign of being spiritual is being linked with the Holy Spirit as A Son, A Servant, A King and A Person–Eagle, Ox, Lion and a Man

Scott Stimson Sr

It Is Not -It Is

In our spiritual walk with God, we go through a process of elimination. We find out what is not and what is.


It is not in religion———-It is in relationship.

It is not in dogmas————It is sound doctrine.

Its not in a message———It is in a person.

It is not in a sermon———-It is in a life.

It is not in a truth——–It is in the truth.

It is not in a building——–It is in a people.

It is not in a great escape—-It is in a great takeover.

It is not in good singing——It is in praise and worship.

It is not in tradition———It is in vision.

It is not in preaching———It is in impartation.

It is not in rituals & ceremony—It is in the joy of life.

It is not in how many———-It is in how much.

It is not in race or gender—-It is in whosoever will.

It is not in going to church—It is that we are the church.

It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom

It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart

It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom

It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart.

It is not trying to build—–It is manifesting a reality.

It is not about doing————It is about being.

It is not in a title——–It is in humility.

It is not in bondage———–It is in liberty.

It is not in the approval of men————It is in the pleasure of the Lord.

It is not about us———–It is about Him.

It is not what we do for God———-It is about what He will do through us.

It is not about making our point——– it is about touching somebody with the Love of Jesus.

It is not what the devil is doing———–It is what Jesus has already done.

It is not about sin———-It is about the cross the cure


Scott Stimson Sr.