What About The End Times?

What About The End Of The World As Men Know It?

I would like to say from the beginning I know that there are many readers who have a different view than this note If you can enlighten me on any of these areas I welcome it by God’s grace I always want to remain teachable.

However I think it is wise to listen and to study to see if these things are so, and be like the Berean’s at Thessalonica because it is important that we examine the roots of our teachings in every area not just take some preachers word for it.

Remember this: what God has for us in the future is so much greater then anything we could ever imagine in this life. Dispensational teaching ( Schofield and Darby) as it is called today limits God and gives a distorted view of His heart now let us have Grace with each other in this area and focus on Jesus not an event.

Consider these things

1—-We are delivered from wrath by the blood of Jesus there is no need to escape the planet to avoid it.  PS. 91

2—-The great tribulation that is spoke about in Dan.9:24-27, Lk.17; Mk13; Mt 24;  happened already in 70 AD at the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus the Roman prince, the well respected Jewish historian Josephus records these events. also see Adam Clark’s his Commentary on Mt.24.

( Adam Clark was a protege of John Wesley)

http://www.godrules.net/library/clarke/clarkemat24.htm here is a link.

3—-A scripture that is often used is in Lk 17:23 -25:  Jesus said one shall be taken and one shall be left as it was in the days of Noah, well in those days the wicked were takenand the righteous were left to inherit the earth.

4—-In Jesus parable of the wheat and the tares Mt.13: the tares were removed first, then the wheat was gathered into barns (for feeding)

5—–Pr.10:30   The wicked shall be rooted out of the earth, but the righteous shall remain in it.

6—–Jesus prayed that the Father would not take us out of the world, but keep us from the evil.  Jn.15:5

7——The two angels spoke after the ascension of Jesus and said he would so come in like manner as we have seen him go away;  saying nothing about us leaving the planet, but rather him returning just reverse the process. ( from flesh to spirit and then from spirit to flesh)  Acts 1

8——I Th. 4:17  says nothing about us leaving the earth to go to heaven, but about comforting the saints concerning their loved ones who have died saying God will bring them with him then we rise to meet him and them.

The word “meet” is to welcome a dignitary or make convocation and the word “air” (aer- Greek) means environment or respiratory (breath) “the soul life”  the word “cloud (s)”  refer to the glory cloud of people not visible atmospheric clouds.

He comes within or in a trump,in a voice, and in a shout the word with in the KJV is the word meaning in; Jesus is the trumpet, The voice, and The shout as well as the chief messenger.

9——God will never again go back to a natural people (Israel after the flesh) and deal with them differently than through the cross. 

 Some would call this “replacement theology”…It is not  It is placement theology for all men both Jew and Gentile through the blood of Jesus Christ. God just drew a bigger circle and included them (Israel in) like he does everyone else  now it is only through Jesus’ Christ.

The flesh profits nothing, in Rom 11:1 the apostle Paul used himself as an example to prove God had not forsaken his people Israel after the flesh, he was not speaking of the future, but what was happening right then.

 It is a horrible dis-service to the Israel in the middle east to give them another plan for salvation other than through the blood of Jesus and it magnifies their flesh keeping them from seeing Christ, love them bless them and do the same for all mankind.

10——The book of Revelation as seen in Chapter 1  is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ (the word “revelation”  is also translated manifestation or unveiling)  which must shortly come to pass, he sent and sign-ified it by his servant John, he John was in the spirit when he received it,  that is also where we must be to understand it.

11——The word “rapture” does not appear in the Bible;  it is a Latin word meaning to be carried away.

The word caught up in 1 Th.4:17  is the word “harpazo” meaning to be seized.

Simply saying “as he descends we ascend”  this is happening now in a measure. where we are “seized” by his presence.

12——-1 Cor.15: 51 ” We shall be changed” the Greek word for changed is the word “atomos” where we get our word atom from and atomic as in the splitting of the atoms, The twinkling of an eye has nothing to do with time but a re-focusing such as from flesh to spirit a different word is used for both “moment” and “change” in other places.

13——2 Thess. 2:1-6  Says the man of sin (sits) (is) (opposes) (exalteth) (all in the present tense) in the temple of God not in a temple in the Middle East;  spiritually this is the “self will of man” (the beast) and it is already in the world both individually and collectively on a large scale.

14—— The great tribulation teaching that Jesus was speaking about concerning the destruction of Jerusalem really only works in countries (western society) tell the believers in Iraq about great tribulation or a rapture as they are being persecuted by Isis? the teaching works where they are not in severe persecution the truth is the entire church age has known tribulation.

15——Some end time prophecy teachers have said that things will get worse and worse then there will be 200 million Chinese people who will die in the battle of Armageddon but Ps.2:8 says Jesus has been given the nations for an inheritance.

16——The beast  historically refers to Titus the Roman prince spiritually it refers to the character of the old man; hence the word “mark” of the beast in Rev.13 is the Greek word “charagma” where we get our English word “character” speaking of the character of the beast not a chip or a stamp regardless who may want to implant a chip the real beast is that which is in the heart, mind and actions .

17——The whole creation is on its tip toes waiting for God’s sons to come into their own. Rom. 8:19 J.B. Phillips.

18——The teaching of a pre-trib rapture historically came through 2 Jesuit priest’s named Ribera and Lacunza, and a 15 year old Scottish girl by the name of Margaret McDonald in 1830 and then popularized by CI Scofield and John Nelson Darby who also taught speaking in tongues was of the devil.

19——The scripture teaches the appearing of the Lord with and in His saints not the disappearing of the church.

20——We should always have grace toward each other understanding no one individual has the full revelation of all these things we do have an abiding hope that never shall never fade away.

21——-The word apocalypse has nothing to do with end time theology the word means to uncover or to disclose.

22—–What we have going on in the world today is called political Zionism it is a globalist agenda to take over the world this will be defeated by the mighty power of God being released through his people.

Just a note: I do believe in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory I have been amazed at the people who will allow these things to be such an issue of division they will break fellowship on all sides of this teaching this should not be so let us have grace.


A right spirit is prized above a right doctrine

Scott Stimson Sr.

Thoughts On The End Times

Many years ago while sitting in a Sunday morning service my Pastor who was a wonderful Godly man said ” Jesus will come in the 80’s”  I had just heard a well known end-time prophecy teacher at a bible school in Tulsa say the church would have to be evacuated in the next 18 months to 3 years if prophecy continued to be fulfilled at this rapid rate that was during the Iran crisis in 1979.

  I was somewhat confused because I was hearing the Lord speak to me about the ministry I am now in wondering why he would speak about my future, but there would be none or why he would keep giving people assignments in the earth for no reason, needless to say they were wrong and the church is still here.

 I know of very little that the end-time prophecy teachers have said since that time that has actually come to pass.


   Books such as the Four blood moons ” The  late great planet earth”  “Y2K”   the left behind series and now the Iran crisis which is nothing more than a repeat for the last 30 years and numerous others that just don’t happen, I have nothing personal against those who say these things I’m sure many of them love God and are sincere, but the church in her immaturity has been afraid to question these things so we remain gullible and in the dark concerning God’s purpose in the earth today.

Jesus in His first coming did not come in the way they thought He would and they missed Him, perhaps the real issue on end time prophesy teaching is it just simply isn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ it is a study of scripture comparing with natural events in the earth based upon a distorted view with predictions based on their interpretations of events.

Dispensational theology is primarily based on God’s dealings with the nation of Israel the natural people and is based upon law & works and it is fulfilled it goes back to an old covenant before the cross. Now some will call this replacement theology, but it is not it is placement theology putting all who believe in their proper place in Christ.

The end time teachings of today concerning the nation of Israel does a great dis-service to the people of that nation and especially the church by not telling them the truth as it is in Christ, it keep’s them looking at the external “Political Zionism” look this term up for yourself its origin and who is responsible for the present situation today this keeps people blinded from seeing the living Messiah.

Covenant theology is based on God’s dealing’s with His people through Jesus Christ on the basis of grace through faith and that will never end or change, and he will never go back to dealing with people based on law and works because the sin problem for all mankind was settled at Calvary.

You and I have been delivered from wrath by the blood of Jesus there is no need for us to leave the planet to escape wrath, we are hidden with Christ in God the secret place of the most high. (Psalms 91:1)

The church is not an after thought of God or a Delta Dawn with her faded rose in her hand waiting for her lover to come and take her home nor is she a concubine until He can get to His true bride Jesus said in (Jn. 17:15) I pray not that you would take them out of the world but that you would keep them from the evil. 

The church is the instrument of God’s dominion in the earth and she is to rule with him through covenant relationship both vertically and horizontally.

My desire through these thoughts is that we prove all things hold fast that which is good (I Th. 5:21) and awake to our divine kingdom mission in the earth knowing that our times here are in His hands.

Finally this is not for argument or to say I’m right and you are wrong, I have known many who had the wrong theology in my opinion but lived in a way of overcoming while watching others with the right doctrine in my opinion live defeated always looking for a way of escape.

 Scott Stimson Sr.

Understanding Symbols And Types

 It is the Glory of the Lord to conceal a thing, and the honor of kings to search out a matter.  Pro.25:2

Throughout scripture God has given us visible ways to teach us spiritual reality, this is just a sample of the revelation that unfolds as we come to understand these truths.

Everything God has ever said speaks to us of Jesus Christ His church and His Kingdom.

A type is a fore-shadowing of a future fulfillment demanding an anti-type.

A symbol is material emblem portraying an unfolding a spiritual reality.

A few examples of types are the tabernacles,the temples, the feast, the offerings, the nations, and the old testament nation of Israel.

Once you have the anti-type you never again go back to the type He takes away the first to establish the second.  Heb.10:9b

Examples of symbols are wine, rain, bread, oil, fire, wind all to let us know what the Holy Spirit is like and what he is doing.

A few Symbols:

Iron = Strength
Brass = Judgment
Silver = Redemption
Wood = Humanity
Gold = Deity

God also uses numbers because they are absolute.
1 = Unity
2 = Witness
3 = Resurrection
4 = earth
5 = Grace
6 = Man
7 = Divine perfection
8 = New beginning
9 = Completion
10 = Law
11 = Confusion
12 = Authority
13 = rebellion
15 = rest
30 = Maturity
40 = Testing and Trial
50 = Pentecost
70 = Ministry
300 = Deliverance

As you read through the scriptures you will discover the patterns and the laws of interpretation never try to make the scriptures say something they don’t say the Holy Spirit will interpret what he has already said.

Scott Stimson Sr

It Is Not -It Is

In our spiritual walk with God we go through a process of elimination We find out what is not and what is.
 It is not in religion———-It is in relationship.
 It is not in dogmas————It is sound doctrine.  
 Its not in a message———It is in a person. 
 It is not in a sermon———-It is in a life.  
 It is not in a truth——–It is in the truth. 
 It is not in a building——–It is in a people. 
 It is not in a great escape—-It is in a great takeover. 
 It is not in good singing——It is in praise and worship. 
 It is not in tradition———It is in vision.  
 It is not in preaching———It is in impartation.  
 It is not in rituals & ceremony—It is in the joy of life.  
 It is not in how many———-It is in how much.  
 It is not in race or gender—-It is in whosoever will. 
 It is not in going to church—It is that we are the church. 
 It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom
 It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart.
 It is not trying to build—–It is manifesting a reality. 
 It is not about doing————It is about being. 
 It is not in a title——–It is in humility.  
 It is not in bondage———–It is in liberty. 
 It is not in the approval of men————It is in the pleasure of the Lord. 
 It is not about us———–It is about Him. 
 It is not what we do for God———-It is about what He will do through us. 
 It is not about making our point——– it is about touching somebody with the Love of Jesus. 
  It is not what the devil is doing———–It is what Jesus has already done.  
  It is not about sin———-It is about the cross the cure for sin.   
  Scott Stimson Sr.

Sign’s Of Being Spiritual

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to restore someone who is fallen. While understanding we could fall ourself

A sign of being spiritual is the ability to scrutinize all things without scrutinizing people.

A sign of being spiritual is not allowing ourselves to be interrogated with religious accusations and human reasoning’s.

A sign of being spiritual is you don’t need to flaunt it nor have a need to convince anyone your right even when shown you are.

A sign of being spiritual is you avoid the strife at all cost and refuse to be divisive even when everyone else is.

A sign of being spiritual is you exhibit maturity without making others feel stupid or insignificant.

A sign of being spiritual is you can still create peace while others are in confusion and have no direction.

A spiritual person is not afraid to touch the untouchable and will go places where the weak and religious fear to go.

A spiritual person will not be drawn in to foolish questions that only breed doubt and distractions from real issues.

A sign of being spiritual is rest in the time of storm, with eyes to see what others are blinded to.

A spiritual person knows the value of words, like when to be silent and make each one count.

A sign of being spiritual is you know your identity in Christ yet you are aware of your weakness and do not under estimate it.

A spiritual person exhibits maturity loves wisdom lives in joy and understands their strength is found outside of  their own humanity.

A sign of being spiritual is you are linked with the Holy Spirit as A Son, A Servant, A King and A Person. Eagle, Ox, Lion and a Man

Scott Stimson Sr

What Does A Prophetic People Look Like

A Prophetic People ~


 A prophetic people are not known by much prophesying, visions, dreams, and predictions, although all of these may accompany a prophetic people, their focus is on Christ and His Kingdom.


 Proverbs 29:18(a) — Where there is no vision (prophetic revelation), the people perish (cast off restraint). 

 This helps us to see beyond the un-disciplined nature of a child and into the beauty of a mature son. Prophetic revelation will keep us on course and moving forward in the right direction individually and corporately.


 7 Attributes Of A Prophetic People —


(1) — They re-present Jesus to the nations — The nations have had a view of Jesus marred by religion and tradition, and have not seen Him in grace and truth.


(2) —  They make known the heart of the Father — His heart is for His children, and to make His Glory known throughout the whole earth.


(3) —  They have a limitless vision — As it was said to Abraham, “look in all directions, and as far as you can see, I have given it to you.”


(4) —   They are a people of passion, not casual-ism — casual-ism is the doctrine that ‘chance prevails in all things’ We don’t live by chance, but our pursuit is the Person and Principles of Jesus.


(5) —    They live by the New Covenant faith of Jesus — His faith has already defeated every enemy we could ever face including death.


(6) —    They are a people of rest living from the finished work of Christ — The battle we are in He has already won, and we now live out of His victory and come to rest in what is His death, burial, and resurrection.


(7) —    They are obsessed with His presence — In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore. There is nothing on earth that compares to the presence of God filling our mind, emotions, and will.


 Scott Stimson Sr

Spiritual Truth’s In The Sequoia Trees

 That they might be called “trees” of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. Isa. 61:3 b

There are many spiritual truths in these trees as nature declares the glory of the Lord.

1.  The leaves of the Sequoia tree never fade because they are a form of “evergreen” tree!

2.  The Sequoias only grow successfully in RICH, mineral soils and in FULL sunlight.


 3. The Sequoias are often located by underwater or visible streams, because of the trees requirement for large amounts of water.


4.  These magnificent trees require periodic “wildfire” to clear competing vegetation and soil humus before successful regeneration will occur….AND, what is so incredible is that they are HIGHLY resistant to it!


 5.  The Sequoia tree is highly resistant to decay! The oldest known Sequoia is 3,600 yrs old? 


 6.  The root systems of the Sequoia is quite unique! Their average roots are 6 ft, and if grown alone, will not withstand winds, heavy rains or flooding. BUT….when they are growing in a grove of Sequoias, they roots of each tree INTERTWINES with each other, holding each tree “up” no matter what storm…wind, rain, floods, hail or fire


7. Because of their magnificent height, Sequoias change the skyline of the horizonIt is the worlds largest tree, they grow to an average height 190-300 ft and 12-30 feet in diameter! They have been recorded to be 311 ft in height and 41 ft in diameter. They also grow faster than any other tree in the world! They areGIANTS…literally.


I have seen them they are magnificent

Scott Stimson Sr.

Wisdom In How To Judge Prophecy

However, the wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, then peace-loving, gentle, willing to yield, full of compassion and good deeds, and without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy. James 3:18

 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Romans 8:14

Questions to ask ourselves concerning prophetic words:

(1)  Does it build up or tear down?  If it leaves us in a state of hopelessness or helplessness it should in most cases be either forgotten or we just wait until the Lord brings more clarity because it is impart realm.

(2)  Does it bear witness to the spirit within, and to those who have an open heart  (Rev.2:7, 11,17 )

(3)  Does it agree with the clear written word and the spirit of that word. (1 Cor.1:17-21) (Amos 3:3)

(4)  Does it exalt the Lordship of Jesus Christ  drawing us to Him and magnifying His finished work..It should not be exalting fear, the devil, or the power of flesh, but the Lordship of Jesus. (1 Cor.12:1-3)

(5)  Does it produce the fruit of life and liberty or does it bring us back into bondage. (Mt.7:16)

(6)  If predictive and conditions or met does it come to pass?

 “Wisdom that will help us not to miss it.

(1) Submit the word to those you are ministering to and always remain under authority even if it is to the conscience of the one you are speaking to and be respectful because this is new covenant

(2)  Never make excuses for apparent misses but rather learn from them and make right whatever damage if any may have been caused by the word you gave.

(3)  Never try to impress others with your gift this will cause inaccuracy and can make a fool out of you plus we will just waste the peoples time.

(4)   Speak primarily toward the destiny and potential not the present condition as it has been interpreted by outward conditions the gifts are given to reveal Jesus the cure for sin not sins.

(5)   Take responsibility for what you say (example)  If you tell someone they are to go here or go there, leave their job etc.  be prepared to support them or pay expenses if it isn’t the Lord.

(6)   Never use the gift to manipulate people to give or abuse the gifts to get your way.

(7)   When it is all said and done there should be no glory to self in prophetic ministry but an exalting of the Lord and an increase of the Kingdom of God.

 Scott Stimson Sr

Forget Not His Benefits

Psalms 103:1-2 David tells his soul to bless the Lord, and then tells his soul not to forget the benefits, it is important for us to learn to talk to ourselves, and remind ourselves of God’s goodness to us especially in trials.


The benefits that are listed here are as follows.

(1) He forgives all our iniquities, and heals all our diseases.

(2) He redeems our life from destruction, crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies.

(3) He satisfies our mouth with good things: so that our youth is renewed like the eagles.

(4)He executes judgment and righteousness for all those who are oppressed.

(5)He has not dealt with us after our sins or rewarded us according to our iniquities.

(6)His mercy is great toward those who fear Him.

(7)As far as the east is from the west so far Has he removed our transgression from us.

As we speak to ourselves the word of God and remind ourselves of the benefits of this new life in Christ we will stay encouraged in a place of faith,

No matter what goes on around us we will rise above it, and we will know that He is daily loading us with benefits,and will be always praising Him.

Scott Stimson Sr.

Another Look At Hell Outside of Religious Tradition.

I do not pretend to know all the answers to this subject but these things are an important consideration in the study of hell, I am not even speaking concerning a certain doctrine nor siding in with any one group the message i preach is very clear it is The Revelation of Jesus Christ and it matters not who agrees or disagrees It is a person not a doctrine.

So this is for consideration in the light of what we have been taught by others.


It has been used by religion’s to confuse,torment,take away peace,cause untold numbers to grieve over loved ones some have gone insane with fear while religion is distorting God’s character and limiting his power but Jesus defeated Hell at the cross when He cried it is finished and the graves opened up.

He is the God of all Hope…

7 things you may not know about Hell.

(1)—The word hell comes from a German term meaning to cover and used by the Scot’s in the covering over of potatoes for the winter.

The KJV translators picked this up to describe the grave (the Greek word Hades) and the Hebrew word Sheol it is also called Gehenna or the Valley of Hinnom in another place.

It is used by Jesus to describe the place of punishment familiar under the O.T. for the Judgment of Judah, Peter used the word tarturus (from Greek Mythology) to describe the chains for angels that sinned.

(2)—-Jesus used the word Gehenna (the garbage dump) because he was dealing with the the judgment of the nation of Israel, and their rejection of Him as the Messiah.

Gehenna speaks of a national judgment not an individual judgment, He used hades 4 times, the rest of the time He used the word Gehenna and was never used afterward except by James to describe the tongue in James 3:6

(3)—- The Apostle Paul only mentioned hades or hell one time and never mentioned Gehenna

1 Cor. 15:55  “Oh death where is thy sting and Oh grave “hades” where is thy victory”  Hell has no victory.

(4)—-In Lk 16 we have The story of the rich man and Lazarus. This is a parable of the Jews (the rich man) and Lazarus (the Gentiles). Both systems died. One was carried into Abraham’s bosom the other went to hades the “grave”. There are many thoughts here that are to numerous to mention.

One interesting thought is the rich man had the presence of mind to call Abraham his father,and only wanted Lazarus to put his finger in some water to cool his tongue He didn’t ask for a river of water, but only a dip of his finger.

This is a parable because Jesus was speaking to the Pharisee’s and He only spoke to them in parables concerning the mysteries of the kingdom. It is just one in a string of five parables he had just spoken there is much more that can be said on this subject.

(5)—- Do you know that the lake of fire that burns with brimstone is where death and hell are eventually thrown into?

The word “lake” is better translated “body”. The word “brimstone” comes from the Gr. word “Theion” from where we get our word “Theos” translated “God”. Death and hades (hell) are thrown into a body of fire burning with God himself.

(6)—-Do you know that God said through Jeremiah that burning His children in the fire of Gehenna (Valley of Hinnom), had never even entered into His mind? (Jer. 32:35) He is a good God

(7)—-Jesus said He has the keys of death and Hades, Satan is not the jailer nor does he hold the keys to hell.

H Scott Stimson